DD2 @ 9 Months

Our DD2 just turned 9-month-old today. Yay! She is not so baby, er infant anymore. Although her weight gain is not that much but she is developmentally right on track. I am so proud of all her developments. She is a petite baby but she surely is an aggressive little one. She is not afraid of trying things.

At 9 months she love to make noise a lot. She don't want to be in her car seat but wanted to stand up or on the floor playing. The first word she uttered when she was 7 months old was ma-ma but it's adding every day since. She is very sweet but so impatient. I believe most babies are. She cries right away when she can't get her way. She has eyes for me now that separation anxiety is up once she can't see me in the same room with her. The pedia said it is normal at her age.

I think our DD1 can't wait to play with her little sister. They both like playing on the floor together. I am glad that she is a loving sister. I know I still have to watch her when around her little sister because she still can't control herself being a toddler not to be rough during play time.

My two girls are growing fast and soon I will be sending both of them to school together. I will miss them being babies but I will be the happiest Mom if they will grow great kids and adult.



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