Back in the Groove

I have been busy with life and updating my two other blogs is what I can only do for the last few weeks. Now I am back groovin' here again and will do my best to post updates of my two girls as well as my mommy moments. For being busy house hunting and stressing on it made it more difficult for me to think of what to post.

We had lots of activities these past months and I haven't had the chance to download the pictures and other captures until last night. I will be uploading it on facebook also so my family back home can look at them. Some of the activities we have had was our daughter's 1st birthday, their time at the park when we got a nice spring weather even for just a day.

As to myself, I am way behind of my studies and now I have a new instructor and I am confident that with her I can be as open as I want to be and she is very helpful. I will be in good hands and will be successful in this program. Hubby is also busy with work and studies. He is now taking Calculus and I know he needs all the time he can to do this class. On top of it all is the waiting game for us to close on a property. I am so anxious to move to the new place so we can really start being in our own property. I know too many going-ons, but despite all of it I am thankful that God is always there for us and guide us through.



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