Why I love McDonalds

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker.

When I think about going out to eat I cannot help but think about going to McDonalds. McDonalds has been my favorite restaurant since I was a kid and I love to go there every chance I get. I love to get the classic Big Mac and I love to get it with extra salty fries and a coke. When I think about McDonalds i think about all of the happy memories that I had there over the years and I think about going there with my friends. This restaurant has a very special place in my heart and I go there as much as I can.

I love McDonalds also because of the very casual atmosphere in the restaurant. All of the employees are very personable and the people who eat there are all very friendly. You don't have to get dressed up to go, simply set y! our home security alarm from www.HomeSecurity 101.com at the house, hop in the car, and you are off to enjoy an excellent meal. When you make the decision to go visit this restaurant you should be prepared for a comfortable eating experience with excellent food and friendly service. This is not the same truth for all types of fast food restaurants so you should always choose http://www.aboutmcdonalds.com/mcd/csr/blog.html over any other type of fast food restaurant. You will never regret this decision.



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