Writing 101

Our DD1 will start Pre-K next week. This will be her second year in school. Last year we enrolled her for a 2-day a week class and she loved it. Now that she is in Pre-K their class will be 3-day a week and she will go for the 9-11:30am class. I chose the morning session because I want her to be ready once she go to Kindergarten.

To prepare her for Pre-K I already start teaching her how to write. She can really write her name although it is not straight yet. She still need more practice. I am also teaching her how to read. She can very well recite her ABCs and she can even say the phonetics sound of it. I just wish that before she goes to Kindergarten she can already read simple words.

I am not pushing her too hard on the reading side. I don't want her to have any remorse on reading and studying. I am excited for her going back to school. She told me she is excited too and she can't wait to see her other classmates again.



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