DD1's First Day at Pre-K

Our DD1 started to go back to school on September 7. She was very excited to see some of her preschool classmates as well as meeting new friends. She goes to a morning class. We are training her for Kindergarten that is why we put her in am class. She need to learn to wake up early and be in the groove early to go to school. So far she is doing well and still as enthusiastic as when the school started.

I too is adjusting to the new schedule. I am bringing her to school and back so I need to make sure everything is ready early in the morning to avoid the rush. I hope come winter time it will just be alright. I know it will be very cold and possible snowing but we don't live far from her school so it is not a long drive.

I can't just imagine how time flies so fast. Next year she will be going to school 5 times a day and it will be a different story. Kindergarten here is half-day every day. I am hoping that she will be used to waking up early by then and already know how to read. It is my goal to teach her to read while in Pre-K. I pray and hope we can reach that goal.



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