Christmas is Over

Wow, the most awaited time of the year is over and we are only few days before the new year rings in. It is amazing how our family celebration only lasted for a few minutes minutes but it took many hours of preparation. Don't you agree?

This year we really did not cook a lot. I learned from the past that we just wasted food for cooking too much when there are only 5 of us to partake it. I was also able to convince hubby not to over spent this Christmas. He tends to cook up a storm during occasions like this. This time he cooked 2 main dishes, chicken marsala and stuffed cabbage. I did 2 side dishes, rice and roasted mixed veggies. The girls baked the fudge brownie and I baked apple pie for our dessert.

We had a great dinner and celebration, though I still wish we have more families over here to spend time with at this time of the year.



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