Content Insurance

Back in 2004 I was able to travel to UK and stayed there for almost 7 months in my cousin's house. It was their first house in UK and they were very excited to become a homeowner there. Before I came there, she already told me about the big difference of the lifestyle as well as on how you take care of your stuff. I think wherever you live house insurance is a must if you own a property. But she told me that you can also purchase contents insurance to secure your belongings in case something happened.

I was really ignorant about it back then. When I first learned of it, of course I thought it was neat. Now that I am here in the US, insurance providers also carry those services. Most home insurance also cover contents of your home but there are some restrictions I believe. This is really a great deal since you will have peace of mind knowing that you can still recover something in case of any loses.

Aside from the insurance, we also purchase extended warranties for big appliances we have. Just recently, our microwave handle have some chipped on it. My husband called the company and since it is under warranty, they replaced the handle at no cost. I like how fast the services also. This is why we are happy with our decision about securing not only our house but the contents of it as well.



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