Christmas Plans

Wow, the time roll by so quick. I have so many plans for the month, but I haven't been able to do one and we are already on the second week of the month. If we don't act fast and do what we needed to do, this month will already be over.

One of the things that I really need to do this month is to submit 2 tests for my online classes. I did 1 test already but not yet submitted. There are interruptions too. On Saturday there will be the Fil-Am Christmas party. On the 16th, Friday, will be our daughter's school Christmas party, and there will be cookie exchange. Now I need to find a good cookie recipe to bring to school. Then on the 16th some of my friends are planning another Christmas party, where we will have exchange of gifts. I hope with the intermissions along the way, I will still be motivated to do school work first.

I know this time of the year we have so many activities. This also make our day go by faster. It's like you wanted to do all the plans but your time is not enough. The most important thing though is we need how to prioritize. Do what is the most important thing first. Once the important tasks are out of the way, then the rest will be easy peasy to do.



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