Car Shipping

I remember back in 2007 when we move here in Washington from Georgia, we had a hard time looking for a reasonable and reputable car shipping companies. We have two vehicles and the Army do not shoulder the cost of the vehicle shipment if within the US mainland only. You have to drive it and you are given per diem and allowances for it. So, we drove the truck and shipped my car. It took couple of weeks before the car gets here in Washington state.

My husband found the Car Shipping company online when we searched for it that time. We compared rates for shipping and check out the reputation of the company that we used to ship our vehicle. Good thing we found a really good one at a reasonable price as well.

As a word of advice to those who are planning or looking for Car Shipping company to ship your vehicle here in the US due to military move or address move, make sure to get a company that is licensed, bonded, has a good reputation, dependable, and safe to entrust our price possession. There are companies that are scams and only wanted the money and deliver a very lousy service. Verify the information of the company and make sure they are legitimate and trustworthy to do business with.



Move a Car said...

Car shipping companies mostly work well and reliable only some times you found fake ones mostly they are good at their services.

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