Color Purple

Our DD1 loves the color purple. When we moved here in our house, she already told us she wanted to paint her room purple and pink. So, she is really the girly-girly type. Every time we visit home stores and check out the paint department, she will get color sample of the purple and pink combination. We decided that we will paint her bedroom purple and pink.

As their Mom, I also noticed through the years as being the Mom that, I too, love purple :-) I think she got it from me then. I don't know but I am attracted to it, especially if I am buying clothes for my little girls. The picture above is one of the evidences that we love the color dearly.

With my daughter's love for the color purple, even doing her art work at school she always use the purple crayon or paint. When they were asked to color the pumpkin, she color it purple instead of orange. I asked her why, she answered, "Because I like purple, Mommy"!



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