Focusing on the desserts for this year's Thanksgiving

Guest post written by Rebekah Winters

Even though I'm hosting this year's family Thanksgiving, I'm not entirely trusted with the food preparation. I guess that you burn a dish one year and you're never trusted again. But I don't mind. I'm already having to go to the trouble of doing all the cleaning anyway. The food that I'm left to handle is the desserts, which is actually my strong point when it comes to cooking and baking.

I've been researching some really good recipes online to fix for the dessert table and while I was online doing that not too long ago, I ran across some info on internet providers by zip code. I showed it to my husband and we agreed that we should switch over our home internet service to one of the providers for our area listed on there.

I know that I'm definitely going to fix some apple pie and chocolate cake. Now I just have to come up with some other dessert to fix that seems appropriate for the season and the holiday. It might just end up being pumpkin pie, after all.



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