Our Growing Girls

Our DD1 had a school photo session earlier last month. I was told that we can have our DD2 join the photo shoot also with her sister or by herself, so I let her wear her nice dress, courtesy of Tita Coleen, and brought her with me to her sister's school. They both look nice in their dresses. The photo shoot went well. It took a little longer because DD2 won't look at the photographer. She is distracted by people and things around her.

When we got home I tried to take pictures but I have to bribe her with a lollipop to pose for me. Looking at them together just melt my heart. They grow up fast and such sweet and adorable little girls. I can't thank God enough for the two of them in our lives. I can't imagine living without them. They are my priceless treasures!



Joe-ann said...

prettiness! they're so adorable.hugs and kisses:)

Bless said...

Thanks Jo! Musta na mo?

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