Blessful Wednesday

I am thankful for all the blessings that I received today. To name a few...are the following:

  • I was supposed to go to my volunteer work but sad to say I have to stay home because my package from the Philippines will arrive and somebody should be at home to receive it. So presto at around 10:08 FedEx delivery came. I was happy coz everything I asked my sister to send me are here. She's (my sis) really a blessing and maaasahan!
  • Another thing is that last nite (Aug 28) my ABS CBN Interactive subscription already expired and starting today I can't watch The Buzz (showbiz chika), Teleserye (soap operas), TV Patrol (News), Game ka na ba and others. Of course I can renew my subscription but I was waiting for my hubby to pay for it hahaha. Unfortunately he was already gone to work so that means I have to wait until he gets back. But lo and behold! When I opened my email I received a Free 3 day license subscription from ABS CBN! They are doing it coz the last 3 days there was a connection/site problem and they owe it to their subscriber. Yipee....I can now view my shows for free until July 2. Then hubby promised to pay the subscription starting on the third of July ;-)
  • Then around 4pm today I received a call from the Manager of a Home Decor store who interviewed me for a position if i am still available. Wowowee I immediately told her yes am still available...According to her to come by her office at 4pm tomorrow for the briefing and everything. Very nicey! I told my husband about it and he said "Honey I'm pretty sure you are hired." My reply, "You think so?" Hahaha still apprehensive. He said, "Hello! can't you hear what the manager is saying? You are asked to go there tomorrow. She's not asking you to be there and then she will just tell you that you are not hired. That's gonna be foul!". Hmm...yeah hubby had a point. Well...the thing is I'm very happy and thankful. It's my first ever job application her in the US of A and got a good result. Thanks to an answered prayer. What a blessing indeed!



Lynn said...

Wow Bless, I'm happy for you! Congratulations!

Bless said...

Thank you very much Lyn. God bless.

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