my old post....on half a year of beeing married

six months of marital bliss....
Saturday, June 18, 2005
...i know, i know we still have a long way to go but i felt so blessed that we are doing a magnificent job in our adjustments as newly married couple. Last nite when we went to bed we talked and evaluated the past six months how we've done so far with our life together. We laid what were the things we learned from the first time that we live together as husband and wife. The lapses and not so good decision we have made if there was any and if so far we attained our goals in line with our values.

We're immensely happy because so far we didn't find any flaws that we can consider a mar to our relationship. God forbids! We are really praying hard for that. The best thing that we like about us is our open communication, that we always talk about everything that comes between us. When misunderstanding arises, the hour will not pass without us talking about it.

We know that there's no such thing as perfect marriage. Along the way we will experience highs and lows that would shake the smooth flow of our marriage, but are we prepared for that? Yes! We are always keeping our faith. Making the Lord as the center of our relationship. Because in Him we can never go wrong.

I was so touched when my husband told me that he is very grateful and thankful to God that he found me, that I make his life complete :-) (walang halong bola!) I felt the same way too. We may came from different parts of the world, have different culture, background and upbringing but we are binded by the same feeling of love and respect for one another. And I can say that this feeling is growing stronger and stronger each and everyday. It's more than enough blessing to thank for that He bestowed on us.

As we celebrate our 6th monthsary, we went to watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was really very timely coz the movie revolved around the couple who met in a most bizarre way and got hitched then after 6 years of marriage they are slowly experiencing a marital fatigue, got bored in dealing the routines of their married life. It turned out that they worked for a rival secret service company as deadly assassin, hunting bad people. Without their knowing they're being sabotaged and both their bosses want them eliminated. I like the humour and antic flicks that the characters threw at each other in their conversation. The thing that we learned is that, lies and deception/deceit leads the marriage no far, thus breeds distrust and disrespect.



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