ESL Workshop as Friendship ground

Thursday is an exciting day for me since i will be meeting again my teachers and ESL classmates. I just love going there coz it helps me to improve my english speaking abilities and it's very great to interact with other people from different parts of the world.

This ESL workshop by the way is offered by a church group co-sponsored by the management of the apartment complex we live in for free. Isn't it great? I didn't pay nothing for the whole duration of the class. And the class is held in the complex' cyber cafe. So I will just walk in there from our unit. This time, I didn't walk in going to my class coz 2 of my friends, both Japanese ladies, offered me a ride. Yes!!!! That save me a lot of energy from walking.

Our class is really like a United Nation, 5 from Japan, 1 from China, 7 from Columbia, 1 Argentina, 1 Belgium, 1 India, me from Philippines and of course our teachers who are Americans :-) And in fairness and modesty aside, I can say that among us few only who can really read and speak well english. Thanks to my teachers in the Philippines. Even my teachers are asking me where I learned english well.

Nevertheless, I also commend my classmates because they're really apt in learning and doing great so far. Those that I am already friends with they like talking to me coz it also stimulates them to learn more. Which I am also glad to talk to them for us to practice and build our friendship.



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