Favorite Song

Do you have favorite song that you and your love one shared together? Where you can play the song and dance to the tune even if you're in your pajama or house dress?

For us we have this beautiful song. The first time I heard this was when my husband sung it to me acapella while he was in Iraq. He don't have a good voice hahaha but It was so sweet of him to sang it over the phone amidst the chaos in his surrounding. And as in humaba talaga hair ko...feeling ko ang ganda-ganda ko (charing!!)

So now that we're together...everytime this song is played we will reallly dance and tell each other. "Oh our song is being played!" Anyways, here's the lyrics of the song.

You Are My Lady
(Freddie Jackson)
There's something that I want to say
But words sometimes get in the way
I just want to show
My feelings for you
There's nothing that I'd rather do
Than spend ev'ry moment with you
I guess you should know
I love you so
You are my lady
You're ev'rything I need and more
You are my lady
You're all I'm living for

There's no way that I can resist
Your precious kiss
Girl, you've got me
So hypnotized
Just say that you'll stay with me (you'll stay)
'Cause our love was meant to be
I promise to love you
More each day

You are my lady (my love)
You're ev'rything I need and more (oh, oh, oh)
You are my lady
You're all I'm living for

I love your shine
(Shine, shine, shine)
Let's make it last
Until the end of time



Naomi said...

me and my husband sing together that old-song by Elvis Presley "Can't Help Fallin' in Love with you.."

Bless said...


Nice song..very romantic...and it really shows in your pics that you're so inlove with each other. God bless :-)

Ligaya said...

Hi Bless,

Hubby and I both love the song 'Love Will Keep Us Alive' by the Eagles. Minsan isinasayaw din namin lalo na nung buntis pa ako..haha! Ganda rin ng song niyo ni hubby mo, very romantic. =)
Ingat and have a great weekends to you both! Take care and God Bless..

Bless said...


Wow, nice song..i agree that love will really keep us alive :-)
Ingat lagi & God bless.

evi said...

ours is "more than you'll ever know" by michael ruff.

Anna said...

We had lots of songs that we both love to sing and dance together. The song that we always love to sing is "I will always love you" by whitney houston. and some of our songs that we always love to hear is the song of celine dion.

Lanie said...

Actually si John ug ako lain ug hilig sa music. Siya ganahan ug electric heavy guitar sounds, ako naman hilig ug slow/solf sounds music, like Enya, Yanny, Kenny G. Or any love songs, etc. Sabi nya aantukin daw siya sa music na hilig ko! ^_^

Peromayroon din naman akung gusto sa music niya or group, katulad ng Scorpions, and more. ~_^

Bless said...


Ganda ng song na yan..I also like it. Welcome to my blog pala. Tnx for the comment.


Pareho kayo ng song ng brother & sis-in-law ko..fave din nila si whitney. That's a romantic song too.


Know what pareho ta ug hilig nga music. Kami sa akong bana magkatagbo ra amo gusto sa mga music. Ganahan man pud ako husband ug Kenny G. We like playing lovesongs and instrumentals when we go to sleep :-)

Teachernorms said...

Hi Bless,
Wonderful song, very romantic. You want to know my favorite song? <click here<

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