Of being mushy & corny-iatch :-)

Sweet nothings and endearing talks makes our love going stronger as ever. Korni man paminawon but it brings warmth to our hearts. Haaayy...kining love jud....pirti! Nweis, here's a bit transcript of how our day to day conversation starts, may it be on the phone or just at home during our idle moments. Folks, this is verbatim lolz. Ug makornihan...hala ayaw basaha, labye lamang hahaha.

When my husband is at work & not that busy and i'm at home his calls ranges from 4-8 calls a day. Imaginen mga kapatid??? Makalagot no? Pero ug dili pud makakol makalagot sab! Ambot ug ngano???
Haayy again. But anyways, the intro line of our conversation goes this way:

Phone rings-the caller My Honey:
As soon as I pick up the phone his intro would be a variation of the following:
Hubby: Do you know that your the most beautiful woman in the world? (Asus)
Me: Yes honey i know (pasweet effect)..you don't have to tell me that i knew it since time y memorial (Jokes..Kapal)

or sometimes in palyful mode:

Hubby: Hello my beautiful woman! what's goin' on???
Me: Hi my dashing husband! wazzup?? wazzup??

or most of the time:

Hubby: Have I told you today that I love you and I am so blessed to have a wife like you? (Pwede magblush)
Me: Hmmm...i haven't heard it yet (teasing him) I think you're slackin' off hon. (sabay laugh) Or maybe you're just telling me that to get some??? (lolz)

These intro lines may be full of "mushiness" & a huge "cornyish" but it helps in spicing up our relationship. That makes as excited and enthusiastic to hear another phone call again. Would there be a time that we became tired of hearing those? We do not know and we're not welcoming the thought. What matters now is that it brings another heights of happiness knowing that we keep the flame burning within our hearts.



Agring said...

How sweet naman. I love those sweet things you know lol.

amika said...

Nakakapag kilig naman, pati ako nag ba blush niya sa inyo. (Chika lang) pero sweet talaga! "We as a Filipina, we are very thoughtful and plus extra sweet pa!!Take Care ha!

Bless said...

Hi Agring,

Hahaha yeah I know us girls knew that sweet nothings ekekek ever lolz.

Hello Amika,

Welcome to my blog and yeah we can't really take away the thoughtfulness and sweetness in us Filipinas :-) That's a plus factor w/c our husbands adores so much :-) You take care too.

Anonymous said...

Ain't love grand Bless? My favorite time is cuddle time, that's when we get really love-silly ;)


Ligaya said...

Hi Bless,

I didn't find it corny at all, in fact, you two are so sweet!!!
Hubby and I do the same, for me, that's something special. =o) Take care!

Bless said...

Hi Geri,

:-) Yeah I agree jud. But i ain't imagine i get this love-silly moment w/ my husband. We also love to cuddle & get mushy b4 we get up out of bed. Ahhh that's what love can do lolz...

Hello Ligaya,

:-) I agree as well that for us people in love it's not corny at all but it may to others hahaha. Am thankful too that every li'l thing we do to each other we consider it so special. Glad to know you both do the same way too :-) Ingat always.

JO said...

That's so sweet. My hubby would always say "action speaks louder than words"... sometimes I wish he should be a little more mushy, nakakataba ng puso di ba?

Just blog hopping...

Bless said...


That's what my hubby told me too "action speaks louder than words" but i told him hwag nya akong gawing manghuhula lolz...

Nweis, tnx for visiting my site.

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