Handling my stress

Just when you thought everything is going well and smooth but suddenly misfortune creeps in and messed up the whole plan. Then patience pulled to the limits, giving you so much stress: everything became chaotic....What will you do? How will you handle it?

Well, we know that problems are inevitable and they are really the great stressor of human life. But on the other hand, on the positive side of it, problems can be converted into strength instead of making it your weakness. And that's what I am doing to handle my stress.

During the conversion process i use the equation
Stress = {Love(to the nth power) + Strength} / Prayer

where: Stress = Problem that put your faith into test.
Love = The love of God that He will never forsake you.
Strength = That comes from Him alone & that God will always be there to carry you when your lode is heavy.
Prayer = That there is nothing more powerful than the power of prayer.

This is my only medicine whenever i'd be attacked with any kind of stressor. Coz like anybody else I like living a stress-free life with oozing positivity.



Naomi said...

u can try hearing some SPA tunes too, this is what i do, nakakatulog nga ko agad eh. BTW, love your song background. Take care sis =)

Bless said...

Thanks for the suggestion sis. Will check on it :-) Ingatz.

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