Flip Flop Fellowship

The only thing that we looked forward to in this day of the week is going to church and relaxing at home. Cuddling while watching tv or vcd. Or just simply spending quality time together - that is as long as we still have the time :-)

While we were in the seclusion of our loveseat, I asked my hubby about how well we're doing with our faith and fellowship to God. And he answered, at the rate of 1 to 10 being 10 as excellent and 1 poorest, "I can give it 10 for our faith and 8 for our fellowship". "And why is that?" I queried. His explanation was that, "having each other strengthen our faith to the Almighty One and make us better christians, but flipping from one church to the other is a setback of establishing a solid fellowship and community".
I agreed to what he was telling me. Me, as a born and raised Catholic and him as Baptist, we still can't decide which fellowship to follow. But never did we have disagreements about our faith.

The first 2 months since I came here in the USA we went to his church. We were searching also for a Catholic church coz he don't want to deprive me of not attending to mine. Then when we found one where we go most of the time for Sunday masses. Since, I didn't hear any single complain from him. Which I am very thankful. But when we will go to his relative's place where everybody goes to the same church, from infant to adult, it's like we're expected to be going too. And I know deep inside him he wants us to go to his church too. I don't complain coz I understand my husband as he also understands me.

We are not pressuring each other converting into which fellowship to follow. If we flip flop this time, we're still finding the right time, in our own volition, to make the biggest decision. We want the change to be from the heart. Not just change to please each other and being chauvinists in saying "I am the husband or am the wife I should be the one to be followed". As long as we both believe in the same Savior who redeemed us in all our sins and we fear Him, making Him as the center of our relationship, then we understand each other. And we both believe that God doesn't want us to go anywhere else but to be in His loving arms, growing in His love. HAPPY SUNDAY!



michimiz said...

hi bless,

hmmmm i can relate to you. when we were still chatting over internet with my fiance (husband now). I asked him about going to church, his beliefs, how he prayed and many things. though they are not catholic but in witnessing i could say that they are good christian. anyways he told me that if I am here we will find a catholic church we did find two. one is st joseph parish and st catherine ann parish. we went to st joseph. from the time i came here he goes with me every sunday. his family to there church. everything goes well. they understand me and sometimes when there are activities in their church they invited us and we go.
for me it is a matter of respect, understanding and love to one another. one thing though it is in witnessing that is very important too. ano ba yang christian ka nga punta sa simbahan palagi eh ang batasan di makaon sa iro!!!

Bless said...

hi Kim! yes you are right. the most important thing is nagkasinabtanay, respeto ug maayong pamatasan. i'm glad i am not the only one in this predicament though :-) tnx for the comment. God bless.

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