Manic Monday

T'was another manic Monday, huh! Over excitement, anticipation at iba pa! I am feeling all of it this very Munday!!!Woke up so early and went with hubby to his workplace. This time I didn't wait inside the car. He dropped me off at the bus stop and 15 minutes later I was on my way to the agency. But just the same I was 1.5 hours early for the start of our class. If during our graduation they will give most punctual award, wala ng iba, AKO na 'yon! lolz.

Anyways, what excites me is that, this will be the last Monday that I will be waiting very long either in the car or library. Why is that? Because this is my last week for academics class of my training and my husband will go to work every 1600 hours to 2400 hours from tomorrow until Friday. So that means he can send me off and pick me up. Yezzz And more so I won't wake up so early for at least the rest of the week. That would reserve my energy for the next three weeks harharhar =) I am pretty sure I will be needing more of it for the clinical ;-)

Aside from the above excitement (ang babaw ko no?) I was able to cook the mung beans that we bought 2 months ago. If the mung beans could talk, siguro kinalabit na ako na lutuin ko na sila. While I was cooking it, saka ko pa narealize that we almost run out of salt. Ito yong mga panahon na mawish mo na sana nasa Pinas ka where you can just run to the "kanto" and may I buy "asin" or maybe make "katok" at your neighbour's door and ask for a pinch of salt! Haayy, life!

Ginudtym ko nga si Mister. I told him in a desperate tone, "Honey this can't be happening! We don't have salt anymore and this will not taste good if no salt! Can you knock at our neighbour's and ask for salt?" As in shock beauty niya and said "Honey are you serious? You can't make me do that! Just use any seasoning we have in the pantry." Harharhar As in balibad to the max. Magdrive na lang daw cya to buy the salt rather than asking from the neighbour's hekhekhek my bad! Tumaas ata presyon nya. Of course binawi ko naman. "Jok, jok, jok!" And I told him that at times in Phils, esp if nasa bukirin at walang tindahan, sa kapitbahay hihingi ng asin kapag naubusan. He thought I was serious hehehe. (See pic of my mung beans @ the side-bar under Culinary-Challenged)



Naomi said...

this is so true sis, mas natutuloy pa nga kadalasan ang mga lakad or gatherings na hindi plinano't andyan na agad.

i'm having a hard time uploading your blog, nagha-hang computer ko sis. I believe its because of the video on your sidebar. Hirap ako makapasok, matagal. Pang-two times ko nang pasok ito, nag-hang ako kanina =(

Bless said...

Hi Sis! Yup as in korek talaga.
Nweis, sowe pala na naghang-up puter mo. i tried minimizing the sizes of the picz & the video screen. hope it does help. =)

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