My 2nd week

Another one hela of a week :-) I feel the stress going up. Not because the class' lesson is difficult but it's because of the situation wherein I have to come with my husband to work every single morning the whole week (arghh).

From Mon-Fri we woke up around 4:45am to prepare then headed to my hubby's workplace. I stayed in the car for 1-2 hours to wait for him then he brought me to my class. After the class I hopped into a bus twice going to his workplace again and waited either at the library or in the car until he's done for the day. Imagine? And take note, it was awfully hot the whole week too.

The reason I came with him to work is because we don't have other car yet and of course I'm not yet licensed to drive on my own. Also, there's no public transport near our place. The bus stop is like 3-4 miles away with a 30min interval time. If I will take the cab, it will charged me nearly $20 one way. That's a lot! So I choose this lesser evil hehehe I will just sacrifice myself for this endeavor. Anyways it's not forever, I only have another week in this situation.

On our 4th week will be the start of the clinical practice and my waiting-inside-the-car will be over. It's a good thing that the Nursing Home where we're going for our duty is near our place. Just down the road. My hubby will drop me off when he's going to work. I already asked somebody for a carpool when I go home after.

Haay, 2 weeks down and 4 more weeks to go then i'll be done!!!!


Saturday Escapade:

We watched a movie "STEALTH" - starred Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama), Jessica Biel (Blade Trinity) & Jamie Foxx (2005 Oscar Best Actor). It seemed like magical robotics for a plane warship learned how to talk and develop feelings? And it somehow aimed of replacing humanity's control into artificial digital mechanism. It's a lot of improbability though.



Makis said...

Hi Bless! It is so frustrating not to be able to drive! I got away with it for 5 years but now it's really a must! It's like pulling teeth to ask my husband to drive me somewhere! I was driving in Manila for 10 years but arriving Paris, it seems unnecessary to exchange my Phil license to French, and now it's too late! Moving to the south, trains & metros are not enough & finding work is very limited. I am now working to get back that freedom & independency by passing the french driving permit. Katakot kasi di tulad sa atin na kahit bulag pede magka-license! Kaya I can really relate to the hassle of just getting a ride!

Have a great week!

Bless said...

Hello Makis! You're really right. Very hassle and frustrating at times :-) My hubby don't have a choice but to take me for my appointment hehehe. Right now I'm learning how to drive. I have my learner's permit (LP) for 2 yrs. I got this last May then if I'm alreay confident i will take the behind-the-wheel test. Advice here to take it after 6 months that you got your LP. I maybe doing that :-)

Lanie said...

Hi Bless,

Matatapos rin yan, pag nag hihintay kasi, medyo ang tagal, pero lilipas din ang mga araw. ^_^

Ako nga eh, talagang gusto ko ng aabot na ang month manganak ako, para ma wala na ang mga worries ko ngayon, pero hay, wala akung magawa. Kaya pa relax2 na lang ako nito habang nag hihintay. ^_^

Ger, In and Ryan darating sila sa amin ng early Friday night, kaya makita ko ang mga beauty nila ka agad! :) Sana nga malapit ka para kita din tayo, kaso lang ang layo mo, well, baka next time diba? ~_^

Teachernorms said...

Kunting tiis nalang Bless and then matapos na rin. I will pray for your road test na makapasa ka para maka drive ka kaagad. Gwapo jud ning naa tay licence kay bisag asa ta paingon walay problema. You don't have to wait sa atong DH.

Ligaya said...

Oo nga Bless, just like Agring have said, konting tiis na lang. Sooner or later, you'll be driving on your own. Maganda nga at malapit lang kayo sa Nursing Home where you will be doing your clinical practice, really good for you. =)
Take care and God Bless you both!

Naomi said...

ok lang yan sis.. days are running so fast right? before you knew it, you are receiving na pala your own first cheque salary sa Nursing Home. Everything will pay off in the end, so continue to prosper a'right? I'm so happy for u sistah, mwah! =)

Bless said...

Hello Lanie! Yeah I know. Just tightening my patience here hehehe. Time flies so fast so okay lang.

You take good care jan coz you're preggy pa naman. Btw, sure am you'll all enjoy your get together with Ger & company :-) Regards sa mga kids and God bless.

Hi Agring!

Yup konting tiis ma lang talaga hehehe. Thanks sa prayers. I will take the test as soon as i'll be confident para di babagsak.

Bless said...

Hi Ligaya,

OO nga it's a good thing that the NH is near our place at least if i'll take a cab it won't be that much. Thanks sa prayers too.

Hello Sis Nao,

I agree with u. Time flies fast and with more patience everything will be alright. Thanks for the encouragement. God bless.

Amika said...

Hello Bless, thanks sa tag! Kunting tiis na lang and you will be in your way sa something special na gusto mo like working with special people.....

Take care bless.... Bless you and your hubby!!

Raquel said...

Hello Bless, kilangan constant talaga ang pag paracitce ng driving. Iba d2 sa tate kc we can't move if we don't have a wheel.

Enjoy your job, God bless you both.

geri said...

Hi Bless,

I remember nung di pako marunong magdrive tiniis ko yung snow at 20F temp.

Hayaan mo, before you know it everything will settle down and you will be fully immersed in this way of life and doing it the american way.

A month from now you will miss your time at home. NOT! hehe, sometimes lang. Watching Oprah maybe if your a fan like me harhar.

Bless said...

Hi Amika! Tnx sa comment. Yup as in konting tiis na lang talaga :-) I am so excited to roll the ball doing the actuals. God bless!

Bless said...

Geri & Raqmitch hello! Yeah I know it needs constant practice and patience. I may not know it but i'll be driving anywhere on my own soon.

Geri I like Oprah too but I don't get to watch her shows always :-)

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