Happy Birthday Mom!!!

She is my Mother, a wonderful mother of mine.
She is God's instrument for bringing seven children into this world.
I can never imagine how she handles all of us.
With different personalities and tantrums within us.

Her smile erases all the doubts in our minds.
And her hands can soothes all the worries in our hearts.
Her guidance & wisdom direct us to become responsible persons.
And with her undying LOVE she protect us from the danger that surrounds us.

Everytime I close my day I pray to God above.
That He will continue to bless her & give her more patience and good health.
I am so thankful for the Lord God
That we have a Mother so full of love
A wonderful Mother and very, very dear to us.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!! Miss you so much!!!



Ligaya said...

Awwww..so sweet! You and your Mom must have been so close with one another. Happy birthday to her!
Take care. =)

Bless said...

Hi Ligaya,

Thank you for the greeting :-) Yup we're close and miss her so much as well as my father and sibs. Ingat din.

Lanie said...

Hi Bless, Belated Happy Birthday sa Mama mo.^_^

Bless said...

Hi Lanie!

Thanks sa greetings!

~Ana P. S.~ said...

Hi Bless, please extend my belated happy birthday wishes to your mother for me, thanks[wink]. I am happy for you na your mother is such a mother who's just wonderful and kind. Oy seven din kami na mag kapatid, igsuon ko ba, pito gyod mi. Anyway, regards ko sa fam mo ah.

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