My Driving Experience

I haven't driven a car ever until I came here in the US. It is just so necessary for you to know how to drive here to get to places you want to go without bothering your husband to take you all the time. Especially here in our place where public transport is scarce and cabs are so expensive.

I came here on December 2004 but just got my learner's permit on May 5 after we transferred here in Georgia from Kentucky. My husband is my driving instructor. He oriented me the basics in driving before he let me do the actual practice behind the wheel. Some said learning how to drive is easy. But heck, not for me. I tell you it was really chaotic the first time. I have to contain the tension inside me and listen to my husband's instructions and rantings. I can say that may be it's not healthy if your husband is your instructor lolz. He was impatient and expect me to learn immediately. Hello!!! I'm still trying to learn here, okay!! And at some point a nervous-wreck when i put on some gas and gain more speed than what he told me.

After the fifth time of our practice, he decided to enroll me to driving academy coz I keep complaining on the way he's teaching me. (my bad) We found only one in our area. But it is very expensive. We have to pay $55 an hour with 2 hours per session/day. Or I can attend a 30 hours classroom instruction and 6 hours behind the wheel and pay $350. The latter is reasonable but I want to focus more on behind the wheel rather than all classroom instruction. Whichever, still for me it's very costly. I told my husband for practical reason, I'll let him teach me and then enroll at the driving academy to polish my skills even for 2 sessions to get me ready for the behind the wheel test at the DMV.

So on to our driving lesson...which for me is getting better and better. I talked to my husband on the way he's teaching me. He should not be so uptight so i can relax myself during our session. Now i am glad that we have less argument and no "tampuhan" than before. He don't talk that much when I'm on the wheel unless I'm doing something not right, eh. For the time being I only drive around our complex...when we go to the laundry area and go to the fitness center and just driving around the complex. The place we live in is big enough and also have traffic at times so it's a good area to practice.

He once let me drove at the expressway/interstate..boy I was so tensed and sweating. I just stayed on the safe lane all the time and drove not more than 45mph, which is the minimum speed limit. The hazard light was on so the passersby know that I'm practicing. That was really an experience. Right now I am still building my confidence to drive. Have to ease the tension and nervousness I am feeling everytime I'm behind the wheel. There are times that I got stressed out but still continue on practicing. I know eventually, thru constant practice, I can make it confidently.



kim said...

hi bless, reading your post about driving makes me think of mine too lolzzz. back home my brother has a car and a motorcycle and he keep telling me that I have to practice driving. but i always declined the offer since you know how our streets are in the philippines. it is a mess and oh my kids and adults are in the road. i dont like to hit anybody it will make me traumatized forever. anyway, when i got here it is different as you have said we need it. a car here is not a luxury but a necessity for our work or to go anywhere you like. i came here november of 2004 my husband taught the basic of drving last december oh my i landed on the snowbank i stopped practising and was back in the beginning of spring. i got my learners permit last april and wish that soon drivers license will be next. me and hubby are talking about me going to a driving school but haven't had any information yet. i have drove interstate and some busy roads but i could feel that my husband is the one who is more nervous. when i am behind the wheel he has lots of tips and everything. sometimes i dont want to listen hehehhehe....

Bless said...

Hi Kim,

I was also told to practice driving in Pinas pa but lost the time and like u hadlok sab ko sa mga kalsada kay mosulpot ra kalit kalit ang mga sakyanan ug bisan asa tabok ang mga tao hehehe. And truly, here it's necessity jud to know how to drive. Haayy...I pray and wish we can have our driver's license soon, eh? :-)

I add ta diay ka ha? hope ok lang sa imo.

Anonymous said...

Haguuuuy, nagsakit ako dughan nagtan-aw sa presyo sa driving school. Pero worth it jud sab hinuon. Maypa ka, naka-try na ug expressway. Ako hangtud karon wala pa. Not until I am comfortable with merging cguro. Pro the latest mga 9 months from now. Hire na sab kog driving school ani hehe.


Bless said...

Hello Geri,

As in pirti jud kamahal..palibhasa wala silay kompetensiya. They're the only driving school here in our area. The good thing is they will pick u up and drop u off at your house after the session. Pero mahal gihapon oi hehehe. Unya na ko paenroll for polishing, kanang hapit na ko magbehind the wheel test. About my expressway gikuyawan jud ko. Pagmerge nako maayo na lang there's not much motorists then i stayed only on the safe lane. Murag dili sa ko mousab. I'll wait til i will have my license na jud hehehe.

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