Wild Animal Safari Adventure

On April 27, 2005 I attended a Women's Conference here in Georgia. In our packet they inserted a number with corresponding prizes. What I got was a ticket for 2 for the Wild Animal Safari at Pine Mountain, Georgia. The expiration date is on the 31st of this month so I am glad at long last we found our time yesterday (July 9) to go on with our Wild Animal Safari Adventure!!!
I was really excited since it was my first time to see wild animals from different parts of the world. My being a zoology grad made me so zesty to this escapade. I know it's different from the African Safaris that I've seen on telly but sure it was a wonderful experience.
When we arrived there we went to the ticketing counter to validate our free pass and bought some animal feeds. Then we hopped on a zebra bus to drive through the 500 acre park and met face to face the various creatures of the animal kingdom. The hundreds of wild and exotic species really fascinates me. Most of the animals roam and graze freely. A lot of them will even come close to the car window and seemed like begging for a pat/scratch on the head or perhaps a food to eat.
Below are some of the pictures taken during our adventure.

Zebra Bus Ride - complete with tour guide.

Feeding "Big Papa" the water buffalo - "bleehh"

"Zeke" the Zebra waiting to be fed - "Can somebody give me some food pls"

"Clyde" the Camel - from the Middle East

Facts - Camels can drink up to 35 gallons at one time and in less than 6 mins.

"Barney" - the Lion from Africa - King of the Jungle!!!

Me feeding a goat - a wonderful experience petting & feeding animals

Taking a break after feeding "Rowdy" the black bear

A pose at the faux gator's mouth!!!



Kuyamad said...

hi bless. kalami siguro dinha sa georgia no? hey, i linked you up, ha. hope it's okay with you.

Bless said...

hellow kuyamad..salamat sa pagbisita ug sa imong mensahe :-) nindot sab dinhi apan mingaw lang kay wala akong nanay, tatay ug mga igsoon hehehe. btaw ako pud kang i link ha? salamat again.

Ligaya said...

Great photos Bless! It's good to see you and your hubby having a great time. Love the zebra bus ride, looks cool! =o)

Have a great week!

Bless said...

Thanks Ligaya! Yup we're having so much with our zoo adventure :-) We were like kids too taking pics with the animals :-)

Lynn said...

So you've been really busy, like a bee! Driving here, blogging there and visiting everywhere. Sounds fun!

Bless said...

Hi Lynn,

Hahaha mukhang busy lang. But yeah i'm enjoying the moment while it last. If me or hubby will get busy with work and other stuffs it maybe hard for us to do things together :-)

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