Of becoming a healthcare professional

When I was little i dreamed of becoming a doctor one day. So when I went to college I took up BS Biology then shifted to BS Zoology as my pre-medical course. But things didn't turned out well. Wasn't able to pursue my medical proper after I graduated college instead landed a government job. But the passion of one day going into health care or medical profession didn't subside and still I'm visualizing myself working in the hospital or anything dealing with patients.

Now a door opened for me to continue what i started, and that is to enroll in a nursing assistant training course. I was contemplating to go directly into an RN program but as I was weighing the pros and cons, I realized that I need to have a stepping stone first before I jumped into the higher level. Then after I experienced how is it working in a health care environment that's the time I will continue on to another level. And also I need to make all my credentials/documents evaluated if my sciences subjects are credited, of which I am hoping so, crossfingers =)

So today, my NA training kicked off and will end on August 25. It's only a 6 weeks training program. 3 weeks academics and 3 weeks clinical. Boy, I can't wait the clinical experience. I know the clinical practice for NAs is very, very different with other medical professionals but I'm just so excited to deal with patients and how to take care of them.



Ligaya said...

Hi Bless,

You know, maliit pa ako, it has been my dream to become a nurse. Ewan ko ba pero parang nakikita ko lagi ang sarili ko nun taking care of the sick people. Unfortunately, my parents can't afford it kasi mahirap lang naman kami. Tapos apat pa kaming nagsabay-sabay sa pag-aaral, dalawa sa college at dalawa kami ni bunso sa HS. I took an scholarship in an Agricultural School, and got my diploma there. Tapos I went to another University in the city, kinuha ko dun eh BS Biology although my first preference was Bachelor of Arts (AB). Anyways, life was really tough those days lalo na dalawa na kami ulit sa college, so hindi ko na tinapos ang course ko. I decided to go abroad instead. I wasn't upset or disappointed of not being able to pursue my studies, I was just a little sad. No regrets din naman, actually masaya ako dahil kahit papaano nakatulong ako sa family ko.
Tama ka, iba rin ang kagandahan ng mag-start ka as a CNA, at least you'll get to experience different things. You have a good chance and opportunity ahead of you, masaya ako sa iyo. Goodluck Bless! =o)
Take care and God Bless you both!

Ligaya said...

Sana opportunity comes knock on my door too one of these days. Just like you, ang pangarap kong mag-alaga sa mga maysakit is still in my heart. That'll be wonderful!
Pasensiya na sa mahaba kong message ha, lalo na ito dinagdagan ko pa. [shy]
Ingat lagi! =o)

coffeecrumbles said...

I myself want to have a short course like that while waiting here in PI but my hubby don't want me too! He know's from the fact that it's a huge Job and require tons of strength.

I understand his sentiments really, I know that I did not go to US to work and I want for our family to be as a whole, me working will be totally different `coz I have to do some errands/kids its very hard to balance it, I told him I can do it but I understand him that I cannot have a job that requires more to work more than our family. So, I decided maybe someday na lang haha! Coz same as u I find it exciting to deal with different people and helping them.

And good news my hubby arranged that for me, he told me when I go to Tx I will volunteer to one of the hospitals there that deal w/children sa Scottish Rite Hospital which really excites me, I know the feeling na makatulong at d same time maexperience being in the medical world.

Keep ur dreams soaring high goodluck to ur newly found career!


Bless said...

Hi Ligaya,

I know you opportunity will come for you too. AKo nga di ko na inisip but then He's directing my path to pursue my dreams so I will do my best. And whatever will happen i can say that i was blessed and will always will be. Thanks sa prayers. Ingat. Regards to beautiful daughter.


Maganda at inarrrange na pala ng hubby mo na mkapagvolunteer ka. Ako nga i am also volunteering for the american red cross here. And i also attend to their trainings, first aid, CPR & others :-) Libre kasi pagnagvolunteer ka sa kanila :-)

Nweis, you can still try later on when you're already here to maybe have some trainings or go back to school :-)

God bless and ingat lagi.

michimiz said...

Hi bless,
I read your message sa blog ko thanks for dropping by. I never dreamed of taking nursing or any medical course before. I don't know if Psychology is part of medical field because that is my ultimate dreamed course. It just so happened that my mother doesn't like us to be away while we study.(napaka-protective) I like to go to Silliman University at that time but mama never agree. So I opted to take commerce (accounting). Anyways, I finished it and had a job. Last 2002, I enrolled caregiver course. It was the time when caregiver was booming in the Philippines. It was about six months course. When I came here, I was thinking of going back to school. Got an opportunity I took the weeks course of health caregiving. Made me stressed a bit and tensed because every module we finished discussing and some activity we always have a "celebration" test. Today is my last day, I had a one on one administering medicine to patient with a nurse after transcribing the medicine. Thanks God I passed it all.
It's nice to be back to school here, it might be a short courses or a degree, it makes us feel alive and kicking hehehhe not bored.
Bless, I wish you everything. I know you can make it. Iba ang talino nang pinoy hehhehe!!!Di tayo patatalo hehhehe.

Naomi said...

that's good of you to set your goals and going for it sis! that's one decision you'll never forget, go girl! =)

in-in said...

Bless, you go Girl. I am happy for you. Ako wala gihapon ko ka decide kung mo teach ba or take HR courses. I'll figure it out soon. We will visit you soon :)

Lynn said...

Good luck to the training Bless and Godspeed. Realities are unfolding slowly just fine ;-)

Agring233 said...

I'm happy for you Bless. I wish you all the best in your training.

Dreams do come true if you believe.
God Bless you...

Bless said...

Hi Kim,

Yeah I'm glad nga may pinagkakaabalahan na :-) And thank you for the encouragement.

Sis Nao,

I am really glad that I have this opportunity. And looking forward to finishing my training =) Ingat sister!

Hello In,

Thank you for the encouragement. I know pretty soon you can figure out what you will do for your career. I'm looking forward to meeting you! God bless.

Hi Lynn,

Thank you! Yeah...everything that happens I owe it all to God =) Regards and take care.

Hello Agring,

I best believe that...dreams do come true to those who believe =) Thanks for the warm words. God bless!

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