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I thanked Nao for tagging me about this cool ques...

I made a post on "Handling my stress" and there I have this equation that I always used for self-check. And I apply this equation everyday in my life so nothing can take my guard down. Nweis, to answer the questions Nao tagged me, here it is:

What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out?

  • I blog and surf the net. Enjoy me magbasa sa mga blog entry ng iba. Nakakainspire na nakakatuwa kasi. Enjoy din me maghanap kung anong bago sa world thru the net.
  • I crosstitch. As in it's almost 7 months now still haven't finish my "Riding the wave" pattern lolz.
  • I read. I love to read, read and read. Kahit ano basta mabasa ko lang.
  • I sing. Eventhough me lang mag-isa.

Things you do to lower your stress/anxiety level?

  • I write and talk to my love ones esp with hubby.
  • Watch movie.
  • I read inspirational books.
  • I take deep breaths and imagine beautiful things.
  • I pray, pray and pray.

Now it's time for me to tag 5 wonderful people and know what are their secrets and ways to handle their stress: Lutchi, Lanie, Agring, Darling & Anna



Anonymous said...

What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out?
. like you blog hopping and surfing
. window shopping maskig sa online shop will do...pangpalipas oras lang
.read my girly magazines
.cook, clean , and call some very closedfrenss
. lay on the couch and watch tv whole day "heheheh"

Things you do to lower your stress/anxiety level?
. talk to Joe and Delia with craying effects
. play with kids and think hard how lucky I am to have this kind of life kay sus mas naa pay labaw naku ka poor gyud
. I sleep and day dreaming the stuffs that i want to happen to my life
. pick flowers and harvest my veges (very soothing)
. listen to my landscape music (nature noises)
.kong di na gyud mahimo hilaka, mukmuk sa tabi, and the last thing take some PAXIL!!! heheheh

Ligaya said...

Hi Bless,

Cool answers, I enjoyed reading them all. =o)
Take care and have a great week. God Bless!

Ladynred said...

Hi Bless,
I saw my name below. Please give me some time. OK? I still have an assignment from Nao that I needed to do ASAP. OK dokie.

By the way, sa Davao ang amo sa Pinas. Have you been there?


Bless said...

anonymous aka Lutchi :-)

How i wish i can have a garden too just like my Mom in the Phils. Nweis, sure soothing jud magharvest ug vegies..paharvest-sa pud ko puhon hehehe


I'll read your answers pud coz i saw in Nao's blog you've been tagged too :-)


Sure oi no probs...Take your time. Regards to Abigail. Ingats.

Naomi said...

i enjoyed cross stitching too, but later on stopped it, kasi nga na-addict ako sa painting =) Keep smiling sis =)

amika said...

Hello Bless - you are very bless with great wisdoms.

Bless said...

Sis Nao,

Yeah i admire your talent talaga. Keep it up and share :-) Dito na lang muna ako sa crosstitch kac di me marunong kahit na drawing lolz.


Thanks for the sweet comment. God bless and take care.

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