Of life's sunset and aging

How many of you is afraid of aging? Is afraid of nearing the sunset of your life?

My friend from Sacramento, California just came from Kaui, HI and she forwarded to me these two beautiful pictures that they took while they were having a beach side dinner. I was awed by the captured natural beauty that it made me contemplate and reflect about life.

This was taken couple of hours before the sun sets on the westside of the island.

Looking at the picturisque montage above tells me that like life, it is a mixture of shining, happy and cloudy, shady moments. And while still young and agile live life to the fullest, discover one's self worth. Make a life with a true meaning and purpose.

Taken when the sun is setting almost beyond the horizon.

It is a natural phenomena that we will reach our prime and gray hair. And we should all be prepared about it. So when my sunset come, I want my dusking to be like the picture above. So serene, so tranquil and so beautiful.



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