Travel Flashback Part I

Dreams are free and everyone can weave her own. Going to places is one of my dreams when I was still a kid. Just saying to myself that one day I can be in that place accompanied by possitivism and PRAYER for it to become a reality.

As time goes on another dreams were weaved but still that dream of wandering somewhere was buried deep into my innermost thoughts. Then suddenly I was awaken riding on a plane fulfilling a long time dream of travelling. The destination? United Kingdom. I've came to see a picture of Britain with it's unique architectural masterpieces and a taste of English culture.

Come join me as I try to reminisce my first ever travel that happened a year ago as of today in majestique London, savouring it's beauty and grandeur and multitudes of people.

Buckingham Palace - The Royal Residence. Served as official residence of Britain's sovereign since 1837. There are sections inside the palace where visitors, in certain times, can access like the Queen's Gallery, State Rooms and the Royal Mews

British Airways London Eye - the biggest "ferris wheel" ever that I've seen in my whole life :-) It stands around 140 meters high with 32 capsules and can carry 15,000 visitors per day. It rotates few inches per second and it's capsule is designed where you can have 360 degree panoramic view at the top.

Parliament Square - where you can find the Big Ben, Westminster Palace (House of the British Parliament) and Abbey. The building is an example of neo-Gothic style architecture. I was so amazed by the intricate detailed design of the palace. This picture showed the east side of Westminster and I took the pic while we were at the foot of London Eye.

Trafalgar Square - A view from the British National Museum. You can see the Nelson's Column and the four giant lions amidst the splashing fountain. Many tourists from various nationalities are gathered here to marvel this spectacular work of art. This was built to commemorate Admiral Nelson, the square was named after the place where his last battle was won, the Spanish Cape Trafalgar.

Picadilly Circus - West End of London. Seen on my back is the statue of Romantic Eros. It was erected in 1892 to momorialized the late Lord Shaftesbury.

Oh bummer!!! Can't upload fotos here no more...i don't know what got into this. Anyways, i will make another post for the continuation of this foto blog. Watch out for it :-)



coffeecrumbles said...
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coffeecrumbles said...
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coffeecrumbles said...

I hardly believe that we should not stop from dreaming on something `cause I know eventually in the end will achieved that no matter how long, far and hard, `cause one of my motto in life is everything is possible if we just believe... :)

I'm very thrilled to read your post that one of your dreams came true...

Europe is included in my wishlist haha, who knows... someday it will jz happen.. ~_*

Bless said...

I know one day you can go there w/ ur family of course :-) And believing and strong faith makes everything possible.

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