The Chronicles of Bless

I promised Makis to do my assignment from her tag about what I did 2 decades ago and the things I am doing at present and things i am going to do in the future, chronologically. Whew! I'll try my best to reminisce the events happened before coz i am suffering memory lapses nowadays hehehehe. No! I don't have dementia ok! I just don't have good memory =) Okay, let's start the ball rolling:

20 Years Ago

Oh Gracious! I was in my 3rd grade this time. Tanda na me! My teacher is our neighbour then and until now. Before I go to school I dropped by at their house and then asked her if she has anything for me to carry to school. Oh di ba mejo pa-epal para may points kaya cguro ayon when recognition came pers onor si akitz! hehehe It was this time also that we always play "gubat-gubat/giyera-giyerahan". We had our hilly back garden as our war zone. We used improvised wooden guns and "lut-hang". I don't know what is it in english. Basta when you'll be hit by the bullet, which is molded papaya fruit, of the "lut-hang", aaringking ka talaga sa sakit. Then after we played punta kami sa bahay ng friends namin na magkapatid na ngayon mga engineer na, we'll have smorgasbord, eating the cultured earthworm from Taiwan ipapalaman sa american bread. Gross no? But during those time we ate it like spaghetti hehehe. Sabi nga that it's very "protienatious" o mabitamina. The last time I ate it when I was in my 1st year high school. It was also in my elementary years that I tasted exotic foods out of curiosity. Kagaya ng ahas (sawa), halo/ibid (big lizard), guinea pig, batud, (coconut worm), palaka atbp. Haayy, we had a lot of fun when we were kids.

15 Years Ago

Edad katorse ako! A baby is now a lady =). Sophomore high school. I have a new set of friends from different places in our province. We studied in a catholic school so mejo na tame talaga attitude and behavior ko. I am glad that my friends are not the BI type. Though we had a lot of escapades but not the so called haywire. I also have an exclusive girl-friends na mga kaklase ko. Kami yong mga bida kuno sa klase. Until now we are still very close although we are far apart from each other. After high school every summer and xmas we see to it that we can still have a get together. Tapos we reminisce again and again our hs years.

10 Years Ago

Daisynuwebe ako! Kolehiyala sa MSU. I had a wonderful and memorable college life. I experienced mountain climbing/night trekking in Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon. Speelanking sa mga kweba sa Iligan. Snorkelling sa Coral Reef Sanctuary, Apo Island sa Dumaguete, maglibot sa mga isla ng Camiguin at magpunta sa tuktok ng Mt. Hibok-Hibok at kung anu-ano pang nature tripping.

And when I was graduating in college, I was so busy doing my thesis. I have to experiment Bufo marinus o yong tinatawag nating "american frog", using a certain root extract to inhibit muscular contraction. O di ba parang bongga! hehehe. As in hate na hate ko talaga itong parte na to ng buhay ko. Imagine i have to collect froggies same sex and almost the same size and weight from all over the campus or anywhere for my experiment or else di me gagraduate. Afraid pa naman me to hold the frog much more to paralyze it (kailangang di patay) and peel it's skin off showing the gastrocnemius (bagtak sa baki) huhuhu. Buti na lang I have a very muscular good friends na mga kaklase ko, one is in Chicago now and ung apat mga doktor na sa Pilipinas, they painstakingly gathered my subjects, of course kasama ako at roommates ko, hanggang hatinggabi kami roaming around MSU campus hanap ng palaka. At sa awa ng Diyos natapos din na walang sabit.

It was this time also that I took the NMAT in XU-CDO. Then I applied in a state Medical School and I was in the waiting list. Kasi 35 lang kukunin out of 500+. I will be admitted if somebody would waive their slot. I was informed that I can enroll because there were 4 slots left but it was already too late. Mahirap kasi ang communication that time. Di pa uso ang cellphone at wala din kaming pono-tele. So telegrama o sulat lang na matagal din bago mo matanggap. Haayy buhay probins! I think it's a sign that it's not for me yet.

So while I was a bummer after I graduated college, I took the civil service exam at sa awa ng Diyos uli, pumasa. Tapos I was offered a job sa government na talagang malayo sa course na tinapos ko. Pero ika nga beggars can't be chooser so why not! So then on naisasantabi ko na ang pagdodoktor. I enrolled in a masteral program, MPA para naman makarelate ako being in public service.

5 Years Ago

I was with the government and mejo nagsusurface na ang boredom ko while at work. If you are an idealist in most ways and your in the government service talagang you will experience the clash/conflict with your ideals and the bureaucracy. Pero wala kang magagawa dahil ikaw ay hamak na manggagawa lamang. At isang institusyon na ang ika nga iyong babanggain kung saka-sakali.

I also experienced a lot of first times 5 years ago like sumali ng dance contest. As in criminal tango talaga and mind you nanalo pa kuno hahaha...wala din kasi cgurong pagpipiliang iba. First time ko ding magturo sa mga community colleges sa amin teaching natural science and sociology.

3 & 2 Years Ago

Me and my husband were already friends for almost a year. And the friendship morphed into being "mag-sweatheart". Then we made plans to see each other. But because of unexpected and unavoidable circumstances, all the plans were not pushed through. He can't visit me in Philippines because he will be deployed in Iraq for until when he didn't know. And then I told him that I will be visiting my cousins in UK. He said if I can come out of Iraq alive I will definitely follow you there. Until....

Last Year

For the glory of God he was back here in US unscathed. I was already in UK then he called me up that he'll be in UK to be with me for a month. At long last for years of not seeing each other up close, the meeting was just wonderful and awesome! While there we toured many places in UK including Wales. He went back here in US and in July he visited me again. I went back to Phils and had my immigration processing to come here in US. Then finally December i flew here to be with him for life.

This Year

I've been to 7 US states already, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Washington State, Hawaii and Gorgia. 43 states more to go =) Got my learner's permit and learning to drive. Started volunteering. My first paid job ever here in the US. I finished my NA class and now certified. Started blogging.


I went to volunteer at the Thrift Shop of my husband's military post together with my friend. We had lunch at Mex resto and we went to TJ Maxx. Washed my uniform for work. My friend from PA called. And I blogged.


Woke up late. Made the bed. I make this post. I will iron my uniform then prepare food. I will go to work


I will be working.

Next Year

Hope I will have my driver's permit and have my own car. Praying I will have a very good job and be back to school again. Have our little one (sana). And also we can visit my family in the Philippines.

5 to 10 Years from now

Hopefully we already have our own house, a very good investment here and in Philippines, an established career, family can visit us here, and a beautiful family with kids of course.

I can't find somebody else to tag this one. I figured almost everybody had done this already. So for you who is reading this, you can try it. Reminisce and document your life from 20 years ago until 10 years from now.



Analyse said...

Hey, halos magka age pala tayo..know what, been dreaming of hiking/trekking in the phils when i was in college kaya lang hirap pag sa manila, layo ng mga sites, and ang mahal din ng mga gamit..swerte nyo sa south, you've got everything around ;)

Bless said...

Yep i'm a year older cguro ;)and good for you coz you're an expectant mommy na =) Di cguro kami marunong lolz. Btw, it's true mahal talaga mga gamit esp sa manila. i am glad dun sa south maraming mapuntahan at maafford mo lang din yong mga kagamitan. I miss doing those things na. Mahal din dito sa US eh hehehe. Sightseeing na lang =)

Tess said...

So u just came here last year? pero dami mo ng napuntahang states, laagan ka diay no! Enjoy ur life while waiting for the baby to come, iba na pag may baby na, altho ibang fulfillment din pag mommy ka na. Au au lang ko dire Bless, have a nice day!

Bless said...

Yes Tess just came here last December. As in laagan jud. Kumpas sa karon kay la pa may sabid. if naa nay gamay na magpuyoay na lang jud. Hehehe. Cge au au pud diha ug Maayong adlaw.

Analyse said...

hehe, i do climb now, pero stop muna kasi nga juntis..

Makis said...

Thanks for doing the tag! I'm impressed how you remembered so much Bless! Sabi mo you have a memory hole?!?! I was also into trekking & even did mountain camping by the waterfalls (the one when it rains hard we can be caught by a landslide). I trekked with my 100php slippers from SM & it's still alive!

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