The Great Raid

I heard this movie, The Great Raid, if I remember right, late 2003 or early 2004 during the interview of Cesar Montano, a Filipino Actor, and it is only now that it will be released and shown opening today. He is one of the casts of this big movie starred by Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Fiennes, James Franco, Connie Nielsen , Robert Mammone.

It is a true story that happened during World War II (1945) in Cabanatuan, Philippines wherein the 6th Ranger Battalion of the US Army audaciously undertook the rescue of more than 500 US prisoners of war being captivated by the Japanese.

I've been waiting for this movie since Cesar Montano's interview. Not because Cesar Montano is in the movie but it is part of our history, not only the Americans but also Filipino's history during the Japanese occupation. Somehow, the story between the lines during this period in our history is untold and now it is unfolding. As I go through it's reviews, I believe that this movie conveys a story of a great liberation. The courageous acts of the US soldiers behind the rescue and their Filipino allies is really an inspiration. How they incorporate all the values of honor, duty and responsibility to carry out the biggest rescue mission the history ever had. For this new generation this movie, i'm sure, would somehow open our eyes of how important freedom is and take cognizance of the price we have to pay to protect it.



geri said...

Oh, yes, I have heard about this movie too while I was in the Philippines pa. Thanks for reminding me about this Bless. I would love to see it, pero most likely sa DVD na. Can't afford movies here hehe. Exciting!

Bless said...

Not a probs Ger. I gather this movie is a labour of love by the Director and Casts kasi matagal napalabas eh. Excited din me to watch it.

michimiz said...

i have seen cezar montano being interviewed in THE BUZZ. ay naku hollywood actor na talaga siya. may potential naman siya pero yun nga dadaan siya talaga sa butas nang karayom dito.
ger pasa mo sa akin pag may dvd kana ha..mahal din dvd dito.

Bless said...

hi Kim! yup cesar montano has really the "it" factor. they were invited nga sa Cannes Festival for this year i think it was in May. but it's for another movie :-)

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