Rush, Rush, Rush

One of the many realizations that I have in my few months here in the US is the way people are rushing in everything.

My observation starts with my husband...I can see how he rushes to get everything done and squared away. More often than not, he's impatient when things are not working well according to his time sked. I always reminds him that "haste makes waste". With our neighbour's also they rushes in doing their tasks. When we go to shops, I can hear people murmuring how the sales clerk took long in ringing the items. Even on the road where one should practice safety; motorists will cut in front of you sometimes without signals on. A friend of mine in PA told me about her experience. While she's practicing driving on a highway another motorists from behind her gave her a "middle finger"; because she drives slow like Ms. Daisy? Of course she's practicing so she should take caution and the other car can go passed her coz she's in the safe lane. See how impatient and "rushful" they can be. That incident really made her cry and felt bad..tsk tsk.

I myself experienced a tinge of hurtful remark while at my volunteer work. A lady is asking about her refund and I explained to her the refund policy. She made a comment and said many things why the long wait. She complained like I am the one who made the policy huh! Grrrr..And another person I spoke over the phone and when I told her that I will refer her to the in-charge...the reply was blah-blah-blah you just want me to wait. Hellooo! Grabee...So impatient. Is it typical of them?

Not only about waiting but also making things done at a shortest possible time is evident in the many gadgets (where you can see a lot in the infomercial on t.v.) available for "convenience" and the ready to heat or microwave-able foods. I know it can help but don't you think it can make a person lazy? My hubby is the one who will always do the dishes after dinner. And everytime he washes he will ask me if he can use the dish washer (dw). I always tell him NO! He'll do it manual then. Hehehe Now we have an agreement to use the dw once a month only.

I am not a so so conservative that would not adhere to change. But things here in the US and even the other well-developed and developing countries are made for easy living that for me could take away the real essence of living your life with a meaning. I am thinking that maybe it is one of the factors that most kids nowadays are lacking household skills and more impatient because most of the things they saw around the house and on tv are things that can make their life easy. And maybe the reason also why most don't have the sense of hard labor anymore. It is still best to inculcate in their minds that however things are made for convenience...they should not rush.

A Penny of my thought:
We may be living in the fast-paced world but it is still wonderful to slow down and stop and smell the roses.



Naomi said...

hay naku! demanding talaga ang mga puti! ansarap pagbuhubuhulin! =)

Teachernorms said...

Hello Bless
Tell me about it....rush....rush...
rush... my brother mag 4 years pa lang dito pero tatlong beses ng bumili ng car dahil it's either binanggaan or siya ang bumangga. Yong 1st time trailer truck ang bumangga sa kanya. It's a miracle na buhay pa s'ya.
Hello Nao, kasali ba d'yan asawa ko? I can say the same for filipinos. lol

Ligaya said...

HI Bless! I think ganyan nga iba rito, palibhasa kasi yan na ang nakasanayan nila. Although between me and my husband, siya pa itong magre-remind or magsasabi sa akin minsan ng "take your time, no rush". =)
Take care and God Bless you both!

Raquel said...

Yeah you are right, they very impatient. Yung asawa ko super talaga. Noon di nga ako umiimik pero ngaun marunong na akong maglalit.

Just take it easy kc masanay ka na rin.

Happy weekend!!

Bless said...

Hi Nao! Yeah dami talagang impatient sa kanila :-)

Agring, grabe naman 3x na..well buti na lang at walang nangyari sa kapatid mo.

Bless said...

Ligaya, same here there are times my hubby will say to me be patient. but oftentimes ako naman mangangaral sa kanya hehehe.

Rquel, yeah i know sanayan lang 'yan. I try to understand na lang. It's human behavior eh, you'll just have to learn how to deal with it.

geri said...

Bless, hay isama mo na si Thomas diyan. It's funny nga during weekends I'd scold him for walking too fast when it's supposed to be days of rest and relaxation, pero mabilis pa ring maglakad. Di daw kasi siya sanay rin.

Pero kahit mga tao sa office namin ganun din, mabilis talagang kumilos.

Bless said...

Hahaha Geri dili na cguro ikatingala sa ila no? They are used to the fast-pace life man gud mao na. :-)

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