My Assignment from Carlota

The christmas spirit is in the air....I can hear christmas carols everywhere.....Christmas tress lighted and adorned with ornaments....Oh how I love the feeling of joy this season creates.

Haay... at long last I am able to answer my assignment from Carlota. Thank you Carl for inspiring me to put up our christmas tree and adorned it with ornaments. This is very memorable for us because this is our very first christmas tree ever here in our humble abode. It was a good feeling that we tried our best to put it up and make it beautiful in our own way.

Last year we spent christmas in my hubby's family. So we don't have one really that we can call our own. But I experienced hanging the ornaments to the live christmas tree in an Aunt's house. Was having a heart to heart talk with the most respected Aunt in the family, being a new addition to the family, while hanging the ornaments.

The live tree was 8.5ft. tall.

After a year, now we are decorating our little place and putting up our very first tree. Treasuring the every story of how and why we came up with the kind of adornments that we have. And somehow in the future these creations and adornments of ours will create its own history. So to start with:

A red glass christmas ball painted with gold paisley leaf and flower that we both like.

I used our unity candle during our wedding as the center of our mantle piece. We will be lighting this candle on our every anniversary which will be 9 days from now.

Our first Santa Claus. He will be resting under our tree from now on.

The wreath I made. Hubby asked me if he can receive a credit in making this. I told him yeah...but just for nailing it on the wall hehehehe.

The mantlepiece I made with our unity candle at the center.

Our christmas tree standing in the sun room. I wanted it to stand near the fireplace but hubby is afraid it will catch fire coz we have no fireplace screen yet.

That's about it. Hope I do pass with this assignment [wink]. Once again thank you Carlots for giving me this assignment. Merry Christmas!!!



Raquel said...

Hahaha, ako pod mo pirs, unsa ba ni nga morag nag sabot naman hinuon ta mare kay mao lang pag comment nimo didto sa ako, hahaha...una una sa ni ha.

Raquel said...

Wow, ka sweet pod sa history sa inyong Christmas tree mare.

Ang candle kay sa inyo pa jud wedding Aniv.

Gipabuhat pod lagi ko ni Carlota ani nga assignment pero sorry nalang Tata kay di ko kabuhat pa, basin next year nalang.

O sige mare, good night og happy weekend again.

Ghie said...

Silingan ninduta ba sa inyong Christmas tree uy og arang taasa pa jud. Nindut kaayo imong wreath. Sige silingan ayo ayo mo dinha.

Merry Christmas!

Tess said...

dakua sa imong tree oy, grabe gyud sigur nimong decorate ana no? great job Bless, everything is nice, the wreath, mantlepiece, everything, pareho gyud mo ni Carlots mga creative kaayo, ibog gyud ko! ayu ayo diha. BTW, 3rd na pod ko, lol!

Bless said...

Hi Mareng Raq...hehehehe grabe man jud...Pirs ka diri kay nangadlawon jud ka. Kanang among unity candle adto ng among kasal then ako na lang giapil diha kya gusto man pud ipabutang ni hubby na hala cge hehehe. Makabuhat ra lagi ka mare. Hinay hinay lang gud.

Na silingan kadtong first nga xmas tree didto to sa akong mga in-laws. last year nga xmas. Kanang amoa is 7.5ft tall mejo dako pud. Wala pa gani nako napuno ug ornaments kay mahal man. hinay-hinay lang. sa sunod na pud pasko dugangan hehehe

Bless said...

Hahaha Tess bronze medal ka. Sakto ra pud kataas. Na bawo jud pero kulangan pa ug ornaments. Hinay-hinayan ra ug butang kay hastang mahala baja gajud. Sa sunod na pasko dugangan hehehe. Na gimao-mao ra jud ang pagdecorate unya maayo man diri kay naa man pud guide so nakamao ra.

carlota said...

Hi Bless, wow great job! Thanks for sharing your lovely decors, Tree and all. Very very nice indeed! Love your wreath and the swag you put on the mantle very elegant looking! labi na sa inyong Unity Candle very valuable kaau. Not just all the decors and it's you guys first christmas together in your new abode very meaningful & memorable jud. Thanks again Bless, I really thank Che for giving us the idea and you are right really inspiring us to value and treasure our ornaments and decors and all.

Take care and enjoy you guys weekend. God Bless!

in-in said...

Bless you did a very good job on your tree. I know I still have to take a picture of our little tree because I have been tag by Carlota as well. Everything is beautiful.

Bless said...

Hello Carlots. Thank you for the pat in the back. Yeah it is worth treasuring for what we put together in our tree. We're too excited to put it together too hehehe. Thank you once again and You all take care too.

Hi In-in thank you very much. I will visit your site to check on your post. God bless.

Ethel said...

mareng Bless,, wow! kanindot sa iong mga ornament oy, kataas sa aimong christmas tree heheh..nice kaayo mareng oy!
happy Sunday kaninyo diha ni papasang!

KIM said...

hi bless, nice decorations you have. happy sunday sa inyo diha. God bless.

Honeylet said...

Hi Bless,
I love your Tree and the way you decorate it. I bet that smells really good. I also love the little santa. I think its cute. Thanks for letting us peek your christmas jitters! Happy Holidays!

Bless said...

Hi Mareng Ethel..salamat. yes mejo taas-taas gamay. Bare pa lagi kay la kaayo ko namalit ug ornaments kay mahal man hehehe. Sa sunod pasko na pud dugangan.

Hi Kim thanks for the appreciation. You have a wonderful week ahead.

Hi Honeylet thanks for passing by. Our tree now is an artificial one. The live tree was last year and yeah it smells good jud ang live tree. The santa is very cute jud. Thanks too sa pag-appreciate. God bless.

Makis said...

Love your christmas decors, Bless! You're so lucky to have so much space for such a big tree! You sure make it feel like home :)

Dauph said...

Hi Bless kanindot sa imong mga ornaments oy lalo na imong christmas tree kanindot jud did a great job Bless! I enjoyed looking at them!

Bless said...

Hi Makis thanks. Yeah I just made use of the space with our tree =)

Hi Dauph Thanks for the nice comment. You have a great week.

KusinerangPinay said...

Wow Bless, ang ganda ng ginawa mong wreath and mantlepiece, may tinatago ka palang talent ha! I like your tree, I'm sure memorable this year since it's your first Xmas tree. :)

Bless said...

Hi Barbs...thank you. may konting natutunan sa mga catalogs eh hehehe. Yes memorable talaga coz we started our very own tradition din of putting up the tree together. Thank you uli and have a great day always.

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