Quality Time

Spending quality time together is very important for me and hubby. That is why amidst the hectic schedule that we both have in our respective jobs we find time to be together. May it be just in our humble abode or by driving around the neighbourhood.

Yesterday, Saturday, instead of having time for ourselves we both went to work. And in the afternoon he attended their christmas party. I wasn't able to go with him since I worked til 6pm. The party time was 1pm to 5pm. But he made it up for me. After he picked me up he treated me for a nice dinner at Chili Thai, a nice Thai resto. Then went for a walk at the strip mall because we were too full to go home.

Today, Sunday, our family, rest and worship day. I am glad it's my day off. We were not able to go to church this morning because we woke up very late. I know there's no excuse for not being able to. I already asked forgiveness on that ;-) Heneways, since we are both off from work, we planned to drive around after lunch. We went to Phenix City, AL. We followed a different route from the usual one that we followed thru. While driving through we passed by this cool park, Idle Hour Nature Park.

It has a very unusual name for a park to me. And I guess the name really captures it's essence. You can spend your idle time just by sitting and watching the geyser-like water fountain at the center of the man-made lake and feeding the geese & ducks, go fishing, walking and jogging on it's trail, doing outdoor picnics and playing tennis on their free courts, etc. We decided to take a walk around and capture some pics.

Man-made lake @ Idle Hour Nature Park

Geese & Ducks enjoying the cool water



JO said...

hi Bless, great pictures.

Ghie said...

Silingan musta naman ka dinha? Ninduta ba ana nga picture silingan. Maayo kay nag enjoy mo ni papasang nimo sa inyong laag laag. Sige silingan ayo ayo dinha.

I miss u

Ligaya said...

hi Bless! love the photos, and the place, kita talaga na it's very peaceful and calm. =)

take care and have a great week! keep warm! =)

Makis said...

Hi Blessie! From time to time, it's wonderful to spend a weekend like that. Keep yourselves cozy warm!

Ethel said...

Nice pix mareng :) pirst na sad ko bai.

Bless said...

Mga friendships thank you sa pag agi and for appreciating my pics. God bless all and happy holidays.

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