Keeping Fit

Being fit and healthy is really important. When I was in the Philippines I haven't had a chance to enroll in a fitness program neither have an exercise regimen but there are lots of activities that I did that somehow burn my fats. Oftentimes I did some stretching when I woke up in the morning before taking a shower for work =) Occassionally played badminton; and I consider the many walks I did while around town a good exercise.

Now that I am here in the US I felt it deemed necessary for me to have a routine exercise to burn all my calorie intake. Even in my small frame I still developed flabs and love handles (bilbils) that I know would progess if I don't do something about it. The reason is I don't have that much activities to sweat a lot. I don't do too much walking because everywhere we go we drive. While at home you can't think of not eating while watching tv or just lazying around. Specially this winter season where most of the time we are lazy to move our butt off the house.

One of the pools and spa behind the water falls (Photo courtesy from the apt website)

It is a good thing that here in the complex where we live, we are pampered of this what I call "luxury". I don't need to enroll anymore in a gym and paid an ample amount because it is all free here. The Athletic Club had different fitness programs that caters to all the occupants needs. Every Sunday there is tennis clinic for children and adults. If you love the waters there are 5 swimming pools and a spa. The gym is well equipped with exercise machines and weight lifts that you can use anytime you want to. During the week they also have professional trainers for aerobics, cardio, pilates, abs, hip hop dance classes.

The fitness center (Photo courtesy from the apt website)

I attended the exercises classes before but was stopped when I got a little busy at work. Now, after the holidays and the cold season is near ending, I decided to be active again. I should not let this opportunity to pass. I need to work out my muscle again from hibernation. I feel that my body is heavier and I easily get tired. Genetically speaking, I am prone to have heart disease and bad cholesterol. So before it becomes late, I started sweating out yesterday attendding the pilates and aerobics class. Crossed my fingers laziness will not overcome me.



Tess said...

Its good you have all these amenities within your complex so grab the opportunity. Enjoy the weekend! Ayu ayo.

JO said...

hi bless,

wow! great complex... I wish we could also live in a place where we have access to the gym for free such as yours.

Raquel said...

Hi mare, keep it up, hinay2x lang kay basin matukog na ka.

Nice diay kaayo inyong sports complex diha sa inyo compound ba.

Maski dili ka tambok mare pero kilangan jud mag exercise para healthy kay mga pagkaon diri sa tate kay halos fattening jud.

Ghie said...

Silingan, wow ka nindut ba dinha sa inyong complex uy, ninduta pa jud kay free ng inyong gym dinha.

sige silingan ayo ayo mo dinha ni papasang nimo. have a wonderful weekend!

che said...

Good luck Bless..may reach ur goal..take care and happy weekends nyo dina..

Ethel said...

Halo mareng ka niice diay diha sa inyong gipuy-an ;) Bitaw ay, ako pod dire wa juy singot nga moagas di parehas sa atoa nga sington ta sa pinas permi.

Joy said...

Wow Bless, you are indeed blessed! Great complex and for free! Who could ask for more? *lol*

Keep it up!

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