Perfect Lover

Mareng Ethel tagged me and here's the rules:

1.) The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover
2.) Need to mention the sex of the target.
3.) Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their Comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4.) If tagged the 2nd time, theres no need to post again.

Here is my answer:

Target: Male

1. Thoughtful and considerate.
2. With sense of humor and a little bit naughty ;-)
3. Responsible and dependable.
4. Strong disposition and principled man.
5. Tall, dark and charming.
6. Low cost or not high maintenance.
7. Knows how to do household chores.
8. Loving, caring and understanding.

I already found the target and this mission was already accomplished hehehe.

The rule says that I have to tag 8 person to do the same. But I found out that most of my target vicitm were already tagged so I will pass this time. Hope it's okay with you Mads Ethel.



KusinerangPinay said...

Hi Bless, I like the #7 knows how to do household chores. :) Kailangan talaga yan specially kung may sakit tayo para sila ang kumilos. LOL

Raquel said...

Hi mareng, #6, si mister, high maintenace, especially sa mga electronic parts. Mabuang ko kay taga liog na among utang. As Barb said, number 7 is ood too, I agree with her.

Ethel said...

mareng nahuman na diay imong misyon dire ulahi ko da :) kanang #7 mao na ang perfect lover hehe..

carlota said...

Hi Bless, like all ur perfect man...sure is you found alrady! Take care & enjoy u guys weekend.

Ghie said...

silingan, hehehehe gi tagaan pod diay ka og assignment ni nang ethel? kuyaw ra ba kay kong dili daw nimo buhaton pa buthan ka og bazooka, heheheh.

ayo ayo mo dinha silingan!

Joy said...

Hi, Bless. Thanks for the visit!
Your #6 is a good criteria, para walay daghang gastos *lol*.

BTW, I already linked you up. I hope you don't mind.

Happy Three Kings to you and hubby! Have a great week!

Tesz said...

Bless, kanang #2 maoy nay akong nakalimtan sa akong list which is very important. Mission acocmplished diay ka kay nadakpan naman diay nimo imong target! have a wonderful week!

che said...

Hi Bless,
Glad to know u found him....take care...

Bless said...

Hay at last nakatubag ra jud ko diri:

Barbs Korek ka talaga Barbs..kailangan hubby knows how to do household chores jud dahil walang katulong dito hehehe

Mareng Raq na mahilig man pud ning akong bana mareng ug mga electronics ug uban pa pero macontrol pa man hinuon hehehe. Ug abtik na sab ni mamalantsa karon. Bahin jud mi sa buluhaton sa balay oi hehehe.

Mareng Ethel lagi nahuman jud kay hadlok ko basin bazookahon hehehe

Carlota yep I already found my mine after 28yrs of searching hehehe

Bless said...

Hi silingan yes oi wa pud ko gipalabay ni Mareng Ethel hehehe
Mao jud kinahanglan low maintenance pud kay lisod na

Hi Joy thanks for linking me up.

Hello Tess hehehe mao jud labi na ng naughty hehehe makalingaw na. Ug sa tagalog pa maginoo pero mejo bastos hehehehe

Hi Che...yeah glad I found him jud :-)

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