Missing the usuals

I thought being away from the usual things I grew up with for a year now would somehow lessen my cravings for it but no. Taken for example food. For me there is nothing more tasteful but the Filipino dishes. I can cook here all the food that I know of but without the pinoy ingredients (sangkap) the taste is not comparable. I don't know about you, but for me it is very different. I still crave the Filipino style.

Anyways, I was almost jumping for joy when I found out at the Filipino store here in our area that they have the dried fish I was missing so much to eat. A dried nemipterid or what you called in Tagalog "bisugo", in Visayan it is called "bulad-pinikas". Boy, I can't imagine how I missed eating "bulad". I had it for breakfast and dinner. Fried it real crunchy plus datu-puti vinegar dip...yum...I almost finished the 2 cups rice I cooked; eating with my bare hands =)

Bulad on top of my rice


For me, it is important to attend memorable events that will happen in the family, weddings and the likes. But if the opportunity will not permit me so, I can understand that but I would be sad. As I have mentioned here about my sister getting married. I missed the moment for not being there in her glorious day. Everything that happened there was only relayed to me after it was over. My only consolation now are the pictures that they sent to me thru the net. But still it didn't appease the fact that I wasn't there to witness everything.

I have here some pics to share.

The Bride

top: bride's & groom's friends; middle: the 2ndary sponsors, friends & relatives; bottom: bride's immediate family, l-r: our SIL Merlyn, sis Bobong, Mama, Papa, Nephew Niko, Niece Glymer, Niece Sweet & sis Belen

top: the couple with their flower girls and ring, coin & bible bearer; bottom: the newly wed couple



Ethel said...

mareng Bless, kong ako ang mokaon ana nga bulad, gamay ra kanang 2 cups of rice :) paibog kada.
moreklamo sa ko ha, kagagmatoy ba kaayo ning mga pics dire di ko kaklaro mareng bisag unsaon nako ug padako aning gasiga kong mata gamay jud :)
Diay naa kay assignment didto sa akong balay, kalingawe tog buhat ha. :)
Ug katapusan, ako jud ang pirst ono dire :)

Makis said...

Bisugo is also one of my favorite breakfast! Yummy!!!

Congratulations to the newly wed couple! Your sister is just beaming!

evi said...

o bulad! tsalap!

your sister's wedding is lovely.

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