Visit @ Callaway Gardens

For months now, we have been planning to visit Callaway Gardens, one of Georgia's attractions, but we always put aside the effort since we know that it is only 30 minutes drive away from home. Early this morning my husband tried to make a reservation for Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta but he was told that it is full for the weekends. Since he was all set to go out we decided instead to drive to Callaway Gardens. At the garden's entrance my husband asked if they have military discount. To our surprise military servicemember and dependent is free today. Great! It was a pleasant surprise indeed!

Callaway Gardens is a man-made landscape, an idyllic spot for communing with nature. You can marvel the beauty of the fresh environment, and the conservation of the different species of plants, birds, butterflies and other species is very inspiring. As a natural science major, I had a grand time refreshing my memory of the different varieties of living organisms. I travelled down memory lane when I had my Botany, Invertebrate Zoology, Taxonomy, Environmental Science subjects. We are planning another visit in spring time where the flowers are in full bloom and the trees will have its leaves back again.

I have some pics to showcase the scenic Callaway Gardens:

Back of the Horticultural Center

Entrance of Sibley Horticultural Center

The flowers in bloom inside the horti center

Taxidermed Georgia State Bird exhibited at the Discovery Center

Inside the butterfly conservatory @ Day Butterfly Center

Butterflies coming out of the chrysalids

The owl butterfly

The Mountain Creek Lake

The Lower Falls Creek Lake fronting the Ida Callaway Memorial Chapel

Entrance of the chapel - a pose after hearing the organ concert inside the chapel



Tess said...

pirs ko! nindota sa view oy, i love the flowers, kahit dili spring ha. I enjoyed looking at the pics, thanks for sharing! enjoy ur sunday, take care!

che said...

Hi Bless,...enjoy viewing the pic..I like those flowers...thanks for sharing..take care.

raqmitch said...

Hi mareng, nice kaayo ang scenery. Ug ang mga bulak tambok kaayo.

Kanus-a man mo mo adto sa Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta?

Diri ra mi mo laag sa Chatanooga kay duol ra. Ayha nlang mi ato pag muniwang na ko para daghan akong posing inig paghulaway, nyehehe.

Have a great week.

Ghie said...

ninduta ba sa picture sa mga bulak silingan. Ganahan kaayo ko anang imong pic nga naa sa entrance sa chapel :)

sige silingan ayo ayo mo dinha ni papasang nimo!

Happy Sunday!

Ethel said...

Wow! what a nice pics madz, beautiful flowers luv it, awww the lake soo wonderful. mura man ug summer diha.
Ayo ayo diha madz

Joy said...

Hi Bless, I wonder which part of the earth do you live in? *lol* Looks like it's springtime in there!

Very nice place, I like the lakes! Is boating allowed?

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

JO said...

great pictures... i'm sure its prettier in spring time.

Anonymous said...

hey there just stopping and enjoying your stories. and i love that song you put up...

Bless said...

Hi Tess..yeah the view is spectacular there much more if spring time comes bet it will be wonderful. Thanks too for appreciating my photos.

Hi Che..yeah the flowers are beautiful i like it too. Thanks for the visit.

Hi Mareng Raq. yes oi mga tambok jud ang mga tanom. they have exotic plants there too. Wala pa mi kaplano when moadto sa Georgia Aquarium. Basin one of these weekends cguro. Depende sa libre nga time namong duha.

Halu silingan salamat sa pagbisita. Yes oi tsada ang front sa chapel nga nag atubang sa lake. Very soothing jud. Gamay ra man ang sulod unya mejo karaan ang setting =)

Hi Mareng! Lagi nindot ang mga bulak naa man sulod sa murag green house. Feeling summer or spring btaw. Mas tsada jud an palibot for sure if spring time and summer kay mamulak man pud ang mga kabulakan sa ilang mga trails and gardens.

Hi Joy! Yeah it's spring time here na hehehe. Btw, they have i guess more than 7 lakes's all man made. And boating is allowed i think for certain times kasi they have a floating resto which can only be reached thru a small ferry in the lake. We haven't tried it though =)

Hi Jo thanks for the visit and yeah it's more like spring time there =)

hey anonymous =)...thanks for stopping by appreciate it very much. hope you can leave your url next time so i can also pay you a visit. God bless.

lutchi said...

agoy abi seguro nimo wala taka ugbokig kandila noh..hala bira burot nah..hala bira burot nah aron naa nakay badlongon og gukod-gukoron...hala bira...!!!!!!!!!

aMgiNe said...

wow ganda ng place!!!

Bless said...

Hahaha aguy Lutch pirti jud diay ang pagsinulog nimo diha ha hehehe btaw oi maayo unta ug magdilang anghel ka diha aron moburot na mi hehehe.

Hello Amgine thanks for visiting again! Appreciate it much.

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