Busy as a bee

I have been busy as a bee this past few days. Juggling my two jobs, being a wife and attending doctor's appointments. These leaves me no enough time to stay long in front of my computer to make update here in my online journal. And I would like to apologize to my friends here in the blog world if I didn't leave any marks when I visit your respective sites. I'm kinda lurking at this time since I don't like to leave a comment or message to a few only. But surely I will still visit and read all your updates.

Anywho, as I was saying I have two jobs now. I did not give up my first job at a home decor store because aside from of course it does help us financially but also because I learned to love it and my manager and co-workers are good to me. I also wanted my work history here in the US to be good. I was telling myself before I applied that I make sure to stay at least a year in my first job here in the US. When I talked to my manager about my other job she told me that she is more than willing to work with my schedule. There was no problem with her because I was clear with her eversince about my inclination to healthcare. I was even touched when she told me that I am one of her strongest associates when it comes to understanding visuals. I was happy with her impression as well as the feedback from all of my co-workers.

Regarding my new job. I am still adjusting to it. I had my certification as a nursing assistant since August, 2005 but did not apply right away. I was thinking I can't handle the work load. But so far now since I started, my preceptor told me that I am doing good and it is only the first time that you feel so much apprehensions. Foremost, because you are dealing live humans. Those that depends on you for their activity of daily living. You will be scared for sure but as you goes on you will be adjusted and everything will be easy. I am just glad that I am assigned in a not so toxic hall. Where most of the residents are ambulating and not heavyweights. It may be a hard job but so refreshing to know that you are able to help and care for these people. I am always amused because you really have to act as if you are a mother taking care of your children. And some would call us "Mama" too. =)



Ghie said...

hello silingan!

busy na jud diay beauty nimo dinha kaayo silingan. bitaw basta maayo kaayo imong mga ka trabaho nimo unya giganahan na ka sa imong trabaho lisod jud kaayo biyaan. Swerte kaayo ka kay maayo kaayo imong manager.

Sige silingan ayo ayo mo dinha ni papasang nimo. God bless!

Pirs Unor ko bai!

Bless said...

Hi silingan salamat sa pagbilin ug mensahe. Ug mao lagi busy na ginagmay.

Btaw silingan lisod ibiya labi na maayo imong mga katrabaho. Ug ganahan man sab ko sa akong manager kay masinabtanon man sab.

Hala pag au au sab nganha.

Raquel said...

Hi Bless,

Just take it easy.

Ang bait naman ng boss mo noh, kahit part ka nalang dun pero sya pa rin mag adjust sa schedule mo.

Basta, hinay hinay ka lang sa health care pag di kaya, just ask for assistance.

Have a great weekend ahead.

Bless said...

Hi Mads salamat. Yes maayo kaayo akong manager nga hatagan ko niya ug flexible sked. That is why murag masayangan sab ko mobiya.

Thank you again for the concern. Appreciate it so much.

Tess said...

Kabayan, congrats sa new job, big time ka na talaga, di ka ma ma reach nyan sa kabisihan! Thanks for visiting my blog ha bisan walay update. Happy weekend din sa inyo jan! TC!

Bless said...

hay kabayan! hahaha mejo nagkabusy lagi pero murag wa man gihapoy agi. Btaw oi walay sapayan ug salamat pud sa pagbisita. Maayong weekend sa inyo pud.

Ethel said...

Halo mareng Bless, sagdi lang ug busy at least naa man say resulta sa gika busyhan diba hehe
sori nga permi ra ko ewit dire :)

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