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Wazzuup Wazzzuup mga pipol??? I've been so behind the blogsphere scene this past few days. As usual been tied up with family and work that seldom I can surf the world of blogs. I miss a lot of the going-ons here now. But anyway, I am so grateful to all of you my dear friends who passed by and take a peek here in my humble abode. I appreciate all the thoughts and concerns in my taggy and the sincere comments as well.

So what's new with me? It's only a little bit of this and little bit of that. As anyone can guess, still juggling with works and family priorities. But I am so happy right now that our plans are heading to a right direction. My acclimatization here in the US had passed a good phase already. My ultimate goal is to take an agressive move to continue my driving lesson so I can be an "independent wife". Independent in a way that I will not call my husband just to take me to store or get me a feminine pads. Now that I already have my own car (courtesy of my hubby as advance b-day gift) then I can do my part to practice deligently. I can't fabricate any excuses now to put off my driving practice because the car is too big for me hehehe.

Among other things that I am also grateful for is solving family problems back home. It is but normal to have family problems. Upon knowing it is all okay and solved made us more happier. It is just me that I can't bear the nagging thoughts everytime I hear problems from home. Especially if it's health or financial matters, it would really bother me. When I talked to my parents and they said everything is fine and working well then my mind is at peace. They are all looking forward for us to visit them soon.

Happy weekend everyone!!!!



Ghie said...

Silingan ka nindut sa bday gift ni papasang nimo. Na hala banat dinha og practice kay para maka drive ka na. Kanang problema sa Pilipinas, ingon ani na jud ni, ang ako bitaw dili jud ko mawad-an og problema sa Pinas, heheheh pero sige lang basta ang importante nga malipayon sila og malipayon pod ta, hehehe

Ayo ayo dinha silingan!

Carlotz said...

Bless, mustamus...wow- nindota ana oi. Mao na dili na ta maka prohisyo nila kung naa tay gustong adtoon or mag joy ride lang. Have fun practise diha ug au-au. oh yeah problemsa sa pinas dili man na kalikayan oi...tinoud si Ghie, basta ang importante na malipayon sila ug kita sab.

Have a wonderful weekend ninyo. Take care.

Bless said...

Hi silingan. lagi iya kunong advance gift. ug naa pa lang daghang jeepney dri or tricycle na mamasahero ra ko oi kay kuratan pa ko magdrive hehehe. Kulang pa jud sa practice.

Hi Carlota! Thanks for passing by. Lagi mga probs dili jud malikayan. Murag kakambal sa paglaki na jud na hehehe. Ayo ayo pud mo dha tanan.

amgine said...

happy weekend dear! regards to ur hubby. God bless!

cHeRrY`rOsE said...

hello bless! tnx for d tag at my journal in bravenet. naa pud diay koy account diri sa blogspot. actually it's my very first blogging account, since may 2002 pa to dats y i'm keeping it for sentimental reasons. *winks* bitaw oi, lami kaayo ang pamati na mo-graduate na jud ko. naa na jud koy time to learn new things a wife should know especially cooking. basig mapurga naman gud ni akong bana kay gabalik-balik ra akong recipe. hehehe. o cge kutob ra diri. basig ganahan kaayo ko ug type ma-bore naka. :P God bless! :)

che said...

Inggon gyud ana,Bless...it really bothers us a lot pag dunay problema sa PI...murag kita na hinuon dini ang atakihon sa sakit pag huna huna..happy weekends...take care.

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