US Citizenship Wait Shortened

Does it sound music to the ears? I guess most of the legal immigrants here in the US is beaming upon hearing this new bill agreed by the US Senate on April 3, the shortening of citizenship wait. Then it was 5 years before a legal immigrant can apply for US citizenship. Now with the approval of this new legislation the wait is reduced into 4 years. And if one marries a US citizen the wait is only 3 years. Read more here.

However, the fluency in English language is highlighted as one of its requirements for eligibility to apply. So how about those who are not fluent? Well, it was incorporated in the legislation giving US$500 worth vouchers to immigrants for English classes. And giving grants to groups who offers civic and history classes as well.

This is really very enticing to all legal residents. This move by the US government not only gives hope to the future citizens but somehow will curtail the burgeoning illegal immigration here in the country. The shortest the naturalization process, the lesser effort and money to be exerted. And to top it all there will be no agonizing years and years of waiting.

I am weighing all the pros and cons if ever I will take the biggest step in changing my citizenship. I know the pros will outnumber the cons but I am still conservative in ways that I am not yet ready to change my citizenship. But then again there is another option. I can have a dual citizenship. This is something for me to think about and work on. I still need more information regarding this matter.

In any case, me and hubby planned on going to the Philippines Embassy in Washington DC at the end of this month to renew my passport. Hoping it will be pushed through. Then I can ask information and clarification on having a dual citizenship.



Ligaya said...

hi bless! i just got my 10 year greencard few days ago, i never thought i will get it so quickly. i have a friend who came here a little later than I am (i'll be 4 years here on May), but she's already a US citizen. ang kulang na lang pala ay ang oath taking niya, she choose the month and date so I think this coming July pa yata. as I have been told, in some circumstances you can apply your citizenship earlier. pwede na nga raw mag-apply as soon as you received your 10 year greencard. can't assure how true that is though, but in my understanding when I spoke to my friend, that's what she did. =)

anyways, i'm always interested of having a dual citizenship. hubby and i both love to retire in the Philippines when the right time comes. =)

goodluck Bless! this is a great post and thanks for sharing. take care always! =)

Che said...

I was thinking about it too..anyway my dual my green card last year...thanks for sharing,Bless..happy weekends..take care.

ethel said...

halo mareng muzta na diha, busy lang gihapon hehe..
dire pod sa Lux 3 years pwede kana mo change ug nationality pero kinahanglan kabalo ka ug Luxembourgish maong kayod pod ko dire ug tuon marengkay hehe..
na cge ayo ayo mo diha kanunay.
happy weekend!

in-in said...

Bless first off thank you for the anniversary greeting.

Anyways, I already got my 10 years greencard (last December) and now I am waiting for the my third year anniversary ( from the date they gave me the conditional greencard)which is October. So 90 days before October I can then apply. I am considering dual citizenship too. I am not sure if we still are pursuing pertitioning mama since I still have a sister in college. Ok ra man pud kay wa man sad mi magdali. Take Care !!!

Ladynred said...

Hi Bless,
It seems very complicated to be american citizen there. I think it's a lot easier here in Canada. If you are contract worker here after 2 years you can apply for immigrant. And if you are immigrant you can apply citizenship anytime... God Bless on whatever you decide..

Himig said...

Hi Bless,
Are you a member of the MagAnak yahoo group?I asked coz they were discussing about dual citizenship the other day & I read ( though I am not 100% sure kc I have 1.5 years to go b4 I am elligible for US citizenship) that there's a lot of misconception about it ( like paying taxes on both US & PI ) but most of them are not true . If u want more detail you can sign up to be a member of that group ( u can get more detailed infos. I too are hesitant to give up my filipino citizen & if I can be both ( US & Phil) then why not di ba?
Ok till here...ingats palagi!

Analyse said...

hey, that's good news. I haven't asked for citizenship yet, but now that I have bébé, I'm thinking more about it now. I guess i'll apply sooner than i planned..dual citizenship, go for it.

happy easter bless!

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