Wintery Spring

I was so happy when finally spring has sprung. But all the "galak-fication" is just temporary because we are back to cold days and nights, and bad weather is tailing. I really detest when it's cold since I develop easily winter rashes. Especially if I am directly hit by the cold winds. I have problem now with the rashes in my legs and thighs. Can anyone suggest a good remedy for this? :-)


Last Monday while I was on duty the weather becomes very nasty. The television shows was always interrupted by the weather update. There was thunderstorm and tornado watch/warning. We heard the strong winds blowing as if uprooting the trees nearby and breaking the glasses. When lightning striked it affected the lights of the building where I work and then the emergency alarm of the entire building went off that sent the firefighters to our workplace to turn it off. After a little while the storm picked up it strength and we heard the city emergency alarm went off. In times like this we were advised to place all the residents in the hallway away from the windows to keep them away from harm of broken glasses. We didn't even finish evacuating the residents to the hallway then the alarm was turned off. So we returned them back to their rooms.

I was scared at that moment because if the wicked weather didn't stop then we will be staying until the morning and I don't know what could have happened. I am so glad that around 11pm, time for me to leave, the rain mellowed to showers though there was still lightning and thunder. So it is not that dangerous to be on the road. It was a relief to finally see my husband waiting for me in the driveway of my workplace as soon as I got out of the building.



Che said...

Hi Bless,
First honor galing ko dini...basin typical ezcema lang ng rashes mo...usually sab pag so much cold..our skin will dry easily cause rashes....try hydrocortisone cream if its itching...then just moisturized more ur skin...hope this helps..take care.

Bless said...

Hi Che thanks for the suggestion. Yup I am using hydrocortisone now. Mao sab ang giprescribe sa doc. It works nga eh. It's not itching anymore. I also used eucerin cream on top of it to treat the dryness. My hubby is so deligent to rub the cream hehehe.

ethel said...

halo marengkay, inyo pod diay diha wintery spring :)
huh! parehas diay ta magka rashes, pero akong gigamit wala nako niadto ug Doc, vaseline gel... epektibo baya sa akong panit hehe..kalooy sa dyos wala na.
Happy weekend sa inyo duha diha marengkay :) ayo ayo kanunay!

Bless said...

Hi Mareng..yes oi sa kalendaryo ra ang spring dri hehehe ang weather medyo bati karon. Nag frost warning gani for tomorrow. By next week hopefully basin motsada na ang panahon. Au Au pud dha mareng. salamat sa dalaw.

Joy said...

Hi, Bless! I hope your weather is milder now.

Here, the sun starts to come out after several days of rain amidst the winter air. Fortunately, our temperature is a bit milder now. Hopefully, spring will be in the air!

Raquel said...

Hi mareng Bless,

Kusog diay ang hangin diha sa inyo.

Unsay rashes morag bata kay magka rashes diay ka diri, hehehe.

Diri lagi sa amo kay wala man mi napektuhan sa ulan nga du-ol ra man ta.

Bless said...

Hi Joy! Yup there were instances of rain and thunderstorm. But I am glad though that we have a favorable weather forecast for the next couple of days.

Mareng Raq na nagthunderstorm jud unya dali ra man pud kaayo. pagkabuntag mura ra man ug way nahitabo hehehehe.

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