What I am up to this past few days? Not really a lot. For the meantime I am focusing on my jobs. Balancing everything at hand. I have been surfing the blogworld not so often but I tried to check on my friends list and as usual just a reader.

On My Jobs

On the other hand, time flies so fast. It's been a month now since I started with my new job at the care and rehab facility. I have so many qualms before working in this field but now I can say that those apprehensions are not necessary. They are just but figment of my imagination. Was afraid then that I can't handle the work load and can't adjust to it but so far I am doing great and learning. I am so glad that I had the courage to face the challenge. It is not easy to take care of old folks who are mentally and physically-challenged. Giving a proper care and assist them in their activities of daily living. You can't help but invest also your emotions, feeling the pain and anxieties that they are going through. It's really tough but rewarding.

With regards to my first job, I am happy because we already worked out my availbale schedule. Because last week there was a mixed up of skeds but I was glad that my manager straightened it out already with the help of our assistant managers. They are so helpful and understanding that is why it is hard for me to leave. My manager even told me that if I really don't like my other job I will only say a word then she can adjust my time quick like. I also found out that my manager made me the furniture specialist in our store. Can't complain :-)

Free Time

The quality time for us this past days is really very elusive. I was busy and he was also busy. We are trying our very best to spend the spare time we have together. Like watching a movie Ultraviolet. It was an okay movie for me. High tech and ultra modern as what it's reviews had stated. Then we also made up for the lost times that we can't eat together. We tried dining out in restos that we haven't been to. And even if we are both tired we still find time to just drive around and experience the joy of our togetherness during our free time.

While at home and not working I just watch TV and watch ABS-CBN Now. I followed through the Filipino Soap Opera esp Gulong ng Palad and Sa Piling Mo. And of course watching celebrity gossips of The Buzz and Entairtainment Konek.



Ethel said...

marengkay, it is great to see your new post :),na attract ko sa imong title nga snippest ba :)
I'm glad that you are doing best sa imong new job, :) God Bless you always mareng :)
take care...

Raquel said...

Wow a nice update Bless. About your previous job and the present. Seems to me that they are pirating you, they know you are a good worker mare.

Last part of your update, it's a little bit funny. Addicted of the Filipino soap opera huh?

Enjoy your week Bless.

Bless said...

Hello mareng Eth hehehe naintriga diay ka sa akong snippets hehehe...btaw update ko ginagmay sa akong mga gipangkuri kuri kuno dinhi. Nakahigayon ko ug post man gud. Tapulan na lagi usahay kay medyo nagkabusy man.

Salamat oi sa pagbilin ug mensahe.

Mareng Raquel lagi pasalamat ra pud sa Ginoo at least ilang marecognize imong trabaho ba. Mao na lang pud atong kalipay.

Aguy as in adik jud ko sa soap opera. Feel nako naa ko sa Pinas inig magtan aw ko sa teleserye. Akong bana motan aw man pud sa ilang mga soap opera diri sa US pero dili ko ganahan hehehe. Maayo na lang naa koy subscription sa ABS CBN mao na lang pud akong lingaw pag naa ra sa balay.

Lanie Pfeiffer said...

Hi Bless, I had been trying to leave comment in here. But for some reason it would not take it!. ^_^ This is my third time na, I hope Mr. Firefox would work for me at this time. :D

Anyway, glad to hear that you are adjusted well on your new job. Lucky you na palanga sa bosses. Hehehe! Ingon ana jud tingali ng hardworking ba. ~_^ Sigi, gud luck diha. When man ato plano magka baby ba? Hahah! Nangutana n ajud ko oy. ~_^

Ligaya said...

Hi Bless! I'm glad to know you're adjusting well with your new job. i'm happy for you! =)

take care!

Bless said...

Hi Lani thanks for passing by and also leaving a comment. Mao ba..sometimes lagi magkaproblema sa website. Maayo na lang kay nakasulod ka na sa akong comment link.

About sa imong pangutana kung kanus a mi magbaby hehehe nagsige ug buhat wala pa jud nakaswerte. We are trying our best jud hehehe

Hi Ligaya! Yep i'm glad medyo nakaadjust na sa work. I hope magtuloy tuloy na to. Salamat sa pagdalaw.

Che said...

Hi Bless, whats the latest gossip on showbiz....Ive missed those Filipino shows.....its nice that everything goes well with ur work...take care Bless...Happy St Patrick and great weekends ahead..

Tess said...

akong gipangita akong comment dire, nawala man, basin kalimot kog send, lol! Lisod ning nagkatigulang na kabayan kay limtanon na. Well, i'm glad you are enjoying your life there having two good jobs and a loving husband to keep. Take care and enjoy your weekend!

evi said...

it is not quite easy to maintain two jobs. make the most out of your time now while you still don't have kids. it's good that you both allot some quality time for yourselves.

Bless said...

Hi Tess...basin naglaag tong imong comment hehehe anyway, mao jud silingan enjoy the moment jud ko ani. Salamat sa pag agi.

Hello Evi glad you passed by here. Yup I know, now that we don't have kids yet I have to enjoy every moment and take the opportunity at hand. Thanks again for the visit.

Bless said...

Hi Che! Hahaha na there are so many showbiz chismis jud...nakakaaliw. Thanks for the visit girl!

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