Don't drift or you'll fail again.....

....focus.....concentrate.....listen and understand....these were the words my hubby told me when I retook my driving test this morning. And I pass thanks God! I now have my Class C Driver's License. It is really a liberating experience knowing that I will be able to drive by myself. I will not wait for my husband nor book for a cab to take me to work. My new issued license will expire on May 19, 2011.

To conclude my driving experience, from practice til I got my licence, it's a mixed feelings/emotions. I was thinking before that I will not really make it. That I can't drive on a busy highways. That I will have a hard time remembering all those road signs and regulations. But as the saying goes "practice makes perfect" then I eventually made it.

During my practice with hubby we ended up having an argument. Most of the time he'll raise his voice maybe due to frustration and nervousness. Added to it his expectation for me to learn right away which is absurd. I can't be a good driver instantly, yah know! I only have the chance to be behind the wheel at age 28 and he expect me to be confident insigida! So he decided to enroll me in a driving school before world war 3 escalates hehehehe. But I only had 2 sessions with them coz the pay is $125.00/session{2hrs} - so expensive for me. I picked up tips in defensive driving with my instuctor, learn to parallel park and familiarize the road route for the test and said I'll be good. Then I discontinued my driving class. Sayang ang datch!

So on June 3rd I was scheduled for a driving test at 12:00 noon. It was steamy hot and I wasn't that confident for the test. I still felt the need to work more on parallel parking, key turns and etc. But I was already there so on with the test. The examiner assigned to me was kinda intimidating. He's tall, gray-haired man in his late 50's. He didn't smile at me and has a strict aura. I was of course nervous and overwhelmed by the situation.

First he asked me to turn the ignition on then the front and back turn signals, brake lights and honk the horn. I passed the inspection test. As soon as he entered the car he told me about the rules of the test. You get automatic failure if you; violate road signs, rules/regulations, not following direction, commit accident, etc. This includes the simulation at the back of their building as well as the main road test. Then he directed me to drive to the back of the building. He asked me to turn left and stop before the white line where there were cones lined up. I was so confused with all the cones lined up and white lines that I stopped on the wrong side of the road. What a very stupid mistake! He asked me what was wrong with the picture we're in. I told him I'm sorry was on the wrong side of the road. Wanted to burst out laughing of my mistake but held it. He said to me yes you are right and you know that it is a ground for failure since I violated a road rule. I said it's okay. Then I drove back to the parking lot. He told me that I have to relax next time coz he wanted to see me pass. Pa-konswelo :-) He also told me to come back at my convenient time to take the test again.

My hubby was a bit disappointed moreso myself coz it was a very stupid mistake on my part. Or shall I say a very unnecessary one. I wasn't too focus. Was thinking of many things instead of concentrating on the current situation. But I learned my lesson.

We called for an appointment again and the next earliest open schedule is the 24th of June. So I had it this morning at 9:40. I did a last minute parallel parking practice at the park before going in for my appointment coz I haven't had practice since the 3rd. I was crossing my fingers that I will be able to do it.

After we checked in I waited at the lobby for my name to be called. It felt like a deja vu when the same man called my name to follow him in. It's still vivid in my mind the things he told me the first time to which he was telling me again. He inspected my vehicle first before he let me drove. This time we took another route. Instead of going in front of the building we took the sides to go to the back. I made sure that I will not do the same mistake again so I concentrated real well. He let me do parallel parking twice which I was so glad I did it the 2nd time. He told me to do key turns; backing up straight and smooth then drive quick when speed hits 20mph have to make a full stop by pressing the brake quickly. I did it real good as he said. Then he told me to loop around and hit the main road.

While on the main road he made me do merging, change lane, turns left and right and u-turn through the traffic. And he always checks on my speedometer. But I drove carefully not to exceed the speed limit nor go down below it. I made smooth turns too making sure I will not drift or hit the curb. When he finally told me to make a U-turn back to the DDS Office I felt that my license is already in the bag. Then he choose the space for me to park and I did it very straight.

I was so happy when he told me that I pass and have to wait at the lobby again for my name to be called to pay for my license. He pointed out to me some tips to improve on esp the parallel parking and during changing lane not to slow down unless you have to. Aside from those he said I did a very good job! I saw my score and it was 85% out of a 100%. Good enough for me.



Ghie said...

Silingan congratulation for passing the driving test!! YOu can go anywhere you want na jud without waiting for your hubby to take you. Practice makes perfect jud, ingon ana pod ko sa una pirmi ma singkahan ni hubby siguro kay na nervous pod siya. Just drive everyday nga ikaw ra hangtud nga ma-anad ra jud ka. Ingon ana pod ko sa una medyo hadlok pero na dugay ra mas gusto pa ko nga sa highway mag drive, lol medyo faster, hehehehe

Ayo ayo dinha silingan og happy Sunday ninyo ni papasang nimo. Misshu!

Rhebs said...

Congrats, Bless!!!!!

cHeRrY`rOsE said...

hello bless! congratulations for passing the driving test! ^_^ so karon makalaag-laag na jud ka na ikaw ra. hehe. ako pud hapit nako magtuon ug drive after hubby gets back from hongkong. yay! excited na pud ko. ^_^

JO said...

hi Bless! congrats!

I just got my graduated license (G)too last week!

in-in said...

Bless congratulations !!! Free as a bird na jud ka manang.

Anyways, I did the course by course sa ECE. It took a month for them to get back. My only regret was I should have done this sooner. Pero ok lang. Every subject was evaluated with my US grade and the US credits. Nalipay nalang intawon ko. Anyways, ayo-ayo diha.

Makis said...

Congratulations Bless! That's new freedom & independence for you, enjoy!

Isn't the driving license there for life?

Angie said...

Hi! Bloghopping here.

Good for you - got your license to drive. Congratulations!

Bless said...

Hi Ladies! Thank you all for your greets.

I am now free to rock 'n roll hehehe. The feeling is good when you can go to places by yourself talaga.

Have a great day 'ya all!

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