What am I cooking-up?

Just enjoying being "at last" independent since I can go to places now by myself. Go shopping alone and surprise hubby with my "thrift buys" hehehehe. Before I can't buy him anything without him noticing/knowing it coz he's always around.

Last week got the chance to check out some good deals of home decors from the store where I work. We have a great sale. We take additional 40% from all clearance sale. And since am an employee I also enjoy another %age off from it. Yipee!! I eyed some stuff for our bare apartment :-) I bought some and when I got home I did a little bedroom makeover. I am doing some trial and error still. Can't really decide what theme should I follow. I don't know what is my style but I just incorporate what's old and new.


Since we live in an apartment we decided not to touch the wall, like repainting, because when we move out later on we have to restore what color it was when we move in. So I have to deal with it. I am not a loud person when it comes to color though but I don't like the room to be so clinical. Me and my husband don't like too much furnitures nor decors inside the bedroom. Maybe we're minimalist. But moreso I hate to accumulate stuffs coz it will be proned to dust and trash accumulation too. And want the room to be uncluttered.

After (Not final):

I repositioned the bed at an angle facing the mirror/glass door of the walk-in closet. I added the greenery and the coat rack. The paisley design beddings are old. The lamp and print as well as the coat rack I got those from Kirkland's for a very reasonable price. Just by repositioning the furnitures have an impact in the bedroom. Before it looked boxy but now it has edges and more relaxing.

At the moment I am still trying to cook up ideas on another make-over. Hope I can find good deals on decors that I need as well as for window treatment. Of course I have to consider the budget and availability of funds.

Nweis, as part of our relaxation we went out to watch Superman Returns on weekend and last night we decided to watch Pirates of Carribean - The Dead Man's Chest. Both are very interesting movies and long too. As usual Superman captivates our hearts. He's an ultimate hero. For the Pirate's, it was funny and very interesting. But I am thinking that they will make another one coz the ending is so hanging. Just a thought.



JO said...

I love what you did to your room.

I didn't quite enjoy Superman Returns. :-(

Bless said...

Hi Jo! Thanks for the compliment.

Yup Superman for me is okay. I just love the thought of him as the superhero.

in-in said...

Bless they are filming the third pirates of the carribean. Imagine no? hero pa si superman perti pang gwapoha. We watched them 2 Fridays ago. I liked it long kay sulit sa gibayad. Wala baya tay repeat diri. By the way, I like the bedroom make over. Isn't it nice to work ug store.

Anyways, I was mad at Ryan yesterday. There was a patio set at work that was originally $600+ and it was 143.00 kay 75% off. He wasn't feeling well hinoon so nagtapulan mo drive sa van to pick up the set. It was gorgeous. Maayo ra sad siguro kay he was wondering where are we going to put it. Our living room is full of the fixtures man gud for the big bathroom na gi renovate. Hay he promised me hinoon next year basta bitaw singlon man jud nako ba.

By the way, thank you for the prayers for my sister.

Raquel said...

Wow, ganda naman sa after at di pa pala final.

Ma practice na jud imong talent of decoration diha ron. Nice inyong room Bless.

Lanie Pfeiffer said...

Bless, nice make over you did in your bedroom. Same here din, we don't have that much decors yet. I would like to put few on the walls one of these days. Pero dili pud ko ganahan anang ma over ha. ^_^ It just that, I have no time as of yet, to look around with out worrying if my baby is hungry, plus the other kids. ~_^ But anyway, big space is enough for now, and no worry sa mga bu-ak. What a great feelings. How are you these days?

kookie said...

baby great job sa imu bed room. musta na imu byuti? happy sunday

ethel said...

Nice marengkay, nigawas jud ang pagka designer noh! hehehe
muzta na diay ikaw diha!

God Bless...

agring said...

Hi Bless,
Your room looks great after the make over. Musta na.

haze said...

hello bless

you have a very nice bedroom

Amy said...

hi bless, great job! nindot ang resulta:) at last, nakita na jud imong talent in decorating. hehehe*

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