Because I was Worried

We brought Shiloh to the ER. Yes you read it right! I am a worry-wart. Little things that I see in my baby that I think is not normal, I get worried. This worry feeling intensified when she was 3 weeks old when infantile acne/sebhorric dermatitis broke out coupled with her congestion that she has since she was born.

The ER thing happened when she was 5 weeks old. We wanted to transition her to bottle feeding because I will be going back to work. During her evening feeding I used a bottle with formula. She took the bottle but after an ounce she started to cough. She had a hard time sucking and swallowing because of her congestion. She choked and had difficulty breathing. The milk and sticky saliva just settled in her mouth making her more difficult to breath. She was crying hard that she became so flustered. Then I noticed that the little bumps on her body became bigger. (nagpantal pantal). She was red all over.

So when my hubby saw me that I was in the verge of crying he told me to get ready and we will go to the ER. It was already 8pm the Nurse on call at the Pediatric clinic was off already. We don't have a choice. Though my hubby wanted to wait until the morning but I was so worried.

While at the ER, before the doc sees us, the nurse took her vitals including oxygen level in her body and it's excellent. Everything was normal with her. She was already pacified til the doctor messes with her. My husband told me to ask the doctor everything that makes me worried. Even the stupidest question so I will be at peace. I know he was worried too he just want to show me he's not.

After the doctor checked our daughter, he told us everything is fine. She has no allergies, no ear infection, no blockage in her throat and the bumps are normal for her age and it will disappear in time. I bombarded the doc with questions even the silliest one. We were discharged the same night and was told to get an appointment at Pedia and if anything will happen again we can come back to the ER.

That was my first taste of what motherhood is all about.



Raquel said...

Hi Madz, kitang mga first time mom kay mga tarantitat jud ba. Gamay lang problema sa bata, para sa ato delikado na. Sa ako, dili ra kaayo ko mabalaka kay si hubby naa sa medical field, daghan sya hibal-an about health.

Hapit na diay ko mo work. How would you manage to baby sit Shiloh?

geri said...

Hi Bless, I read that Pedia's get worried when the parents don't ask any questions, so I'm sure Shiloh's doctor was only too happy to answer them. Given the situation I would have done exactly like you did. I have visited the clinic "just" for Evan's rash and colds. Their reassurance always give me the peace of mind which is imporatant for 1st time moms like us. You are doing a great job!

Sarah said...


ok ng mag worry kesa hindi kesa mabaliw sa kakaisip d b, atleast nalaman na ok nmn pala si bebe mo

in-in said...

Bless ako sad kay we went to the doctor because I thought he was having diarrhea. Wala ra diay to pero it made me sleep that night. By the way, I read your message in friendster, will email you about it soon. Take Care !!!

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