Update on Shiloh

Seems like time is passing by so quickly. Our daughter is now 12 weeks and 4 days. Couple more days and she'll be 3 months. But it is still fresh in my mind the day I gave birth to her. Everytime I look at her I can't help but still in amazement. She is so precious. Every little thing about her is a treasure worth keeping.

Shiloh @ 11 weeks. During one of her tummy times she lifted her head and both her legs. She can remain on her tummy not more than 5 minutes. She wanted to push herself to crawl but only her legs are moving not her arms. In frustration she'll shove her face on the mat and starts crying.

Shiloh @ 12 weeks. She can entertain herself now. When I put her in the swing she will laugh and giggle alone watching her surroundings and exploring her body parts starting with her tiny hands. After staring at it she'll put it in her mouth.



Raquel said...

Hi mads Bless, kadali ba sa panahon ba, daku na jud imong anak. Ang bata pag mag edad nag 5 to up months magsugod na na sila'g kamang ang uban mo action nag tindog. Makalingaw na kaayo sila. I like the second pic, daku kaayo iyang smile, morag gihagwa.

in-in said...

Bless I just checked you are PR 3. It's in this website www.prchecker.info. Three months na hapit si Shiloh si Francis bag-o lang nag 4 months. Dali ra jud uy. Usahay magkogus ko ni Francis, I whisper to his ear na I don't want him to grow. I want him to remain a 4 month old baby. Although we know it won't happen. Take Care diha Bless.

Bless said...

Hi mads Raquel! lagi daku na pud. Lagi makalingaw na. Naa na koy katabi ba hehehe. Basta ibutang nako cya sa swing or crib basta dili lang cya gutom, basa ug katulugon mokatawa katawa ra na cya. Thank you mads.

Hello In! Thanks for checking. Ako ra tan awon sab didto. Lagi no dali ra jud nanagko atong mga anak. Akong bana sab gusto niya tiny lang gihapon among anak. hehehe thanks agin.

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