Working Mom

Eversince I graduated college I have been working. Three months after I got here in the US of A from Philippines I already work. The day before I gave birth I was working. When the reality came when we have the baby I was thinking would I be able to do it. Go back to work or stay at home?

Here in the US you really have to weigh everything because it is not like in the Philippines that it is easy for you to get help. Your option here is to leave your baby in day care or have a private nanny which is very expensive. Day cares here accepts 6 week old babies but the fee is more than when you have a toddler. You also have to weigh the monthly fee for day care if it is worth for you to go back to work. Your salary may just be enough to pay for day care or not, you might as well stay at home.

For myself, I really don't want to quit work and school. And my husband supported me in that aspect. I know it is worth the sacrifice if you quit because you will be there for your baby. He told me whichever for me is I think the best, not only for our baby but also for myself, I should go for it. He also stresses out that whatever my decision is he will support me all the way.

Before I have my maternity leave my manager asked me if I will still go back to work. I said I will. She said that when I get back if I want to work part time she will work on my schedule because she don't want me to quit. That's the only hint that I want to hear from her. So when I finished my maternity leave I went back to work. That was first week of July. As a member of the management team in retail I am expected to work full time. But my manager work with my schedule that is to work only during evenings of MWF. And opening during weekends. But our weekends is in rotation basis. I will change my schedule if Shiloh is ready for day care. While I am at work hubby will take care of our little girl. Then during the week hubby also goes to school both online and on campus. This summer quarter I didn't sign up for class because I just had her. But I will sign up for an online class this fall quarter.

I was thinking it will be a very hard decision for me to make. But with hubby's support and my work's understanding, I am able to juggle everything. So far I don't have any problem with our schedule. We still get to find time together as family. All our chores are still being done on time. Although it seems like a handful of tasks to do but with time management and cooperation for us both we were able to do everything without conflict.



race said...

hi bless! you're lucky that your employer like you that they're willing to adjust things for you, you can still work part-time, havig children really changes everything - your life, your work, your views, your time... also your looks :-) but it's all worth it - believe me, regards!

Bless said...

@ Race - Yup I am very lucky that is why I won't do things that can jeopardize their trust in me. I agree having kids can really change everything.But we are flexible to adjust when circumstance kick in.

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