My Little Mermaid

Everday before I do any other chores at home I always tend to my baby's needs. Our routine first thing in the morning is giving her a bath. Around 8am or 9am. I didn't start giving her a bath til her cord fell off. And it fell exactly 7 days after we were released from the hospital. Back then I gave her spongebath everyday and wash her hair every other day.

First time I gave her a bath she was crying on top of her lungs. I was worried that she will not like taking a bath and that we will face the same ordeal again next time. So the next day I switched to spongebath again for couple of days. Then we tried giving her a bath one weekend morning. I acclimatized her first to the warm water by splashing her feet on the water before I settled her down on the sling of her baby bath tub. I made sure too that the sling is not cold. I was also talking to her while doing so. I was very glad she didn't cry at all. From then on I gave her a bath everyday. When I get a slight increase in her temperature I will only give her a spongebath. Right now I don't have any problem with giving her one since she like it very much. That is why I call her my little mermaid.

Taken after giving her a bath @ 6 weeks old.



Vicki said...

makamoot gyd ang baby sa?

first cry gyd sila, then later, aguy ganahan diay kaayo, di na gani mogawas sa tubig....

thanks for sharing.

J@n!ce said...

Newborn will cry loudly during bath time cos they want warmth & all wrapped up. The moment we undress them. They felt insecure & will start to cry. How lovely your little mermaid :)

I want to *kiss* & *hug* her :)

Bless said...

@ vicki - lagi vicks enjoy na sa ligo kay warm man sab ang tubig.

@ janice - Yeah newborn easily get cold. Thank you for the comment.

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