Babies when born is very susceptible to many illnesses. Their immune system is very fragile. They needs certain vaccines to boost their immunity.

Before in the Philippines when my nephews and nieces were born I don't remember they have shots as soon as they were born. But here in the US, with my own experience, our DD received two shots on the time that she was born. The shots are the first dose of HepaB vaccine, and to help blood clot formation, Vitamin K. Then we were told by the attending Pedia the next immunization schedule will be on her two months well-baby check up.

July 16, Shiloh had her doctor's appoinment. Aside from the physical and vital exams she received four vaccines. Three shots and one oral. The oral vaccine is Rotavirus vaccine. Rotavirus is a virus that can cause severe diarrhea, especially in babies and young children. This vaccine will prevent them to have diarrhea or certain diseases caused by rotavirus. Three doses is given orally from 2 months, 4 months then at the age of six months. The other three vaccines were given as injectables. The DTap, Diphtheria Tetanus and Pertussis Vaccine; IPV, Polio Vaccine; and Hib, Haemophilus influenza Type b Vaccine.

While Shiloh receiving her shots Daddy didn't fail to get pictures to show her when she gets older about her baby shots. And Mommy almost had a heart attack when baby got her first shot and started to cry. Here are some pics below:

Receiving the Rotavirus vaccine. Didn't like the awful taste; and

with this (2) shots on the left thigh and then

one shot on the right; poor baby ended up like


She didn't cried like I expected her to. After I picked her up and rock her she stopped. We waited for 5 minutes in case she will have allergic reactions but there was none. The nurse told us to give her baby Tylenol when she develops a temperature which she had around night time and was gone afternoon the next day. Her thigh a bit swollen from the shots that she will protest when I accidentally pressed it to my sides when I'm nursing her. I was glad she wasn't cranky that night. But just the same I didn't have any sleep at all coz I was so worried she got sick. I wish there's another way of giving those vaccines without them getting hurt. Do you agree Moms?



JO said...

bakit nga ba ganoon no? mothers can feel the pain of each and every one of the shots that our kid have to take... but ask their dads, and they don't feel any pain or pity towards their own kid.

anyway, i just think of those shots as a way to protect them and keep them healthy.

Sarah said...

ay naku yan ang pinaka ayaw kong makita ang mapoke ang anak ko kaya d ako tumitingin tlg...

kisses to Shiloh

in-in said...

Agree, I hate it too. I can't even bare to see him being poked. I usually look away. Ryan does too, para jud if kumot akong kasing kasing maminaw. Anyways, 4 sad kang FM pero walay oral puro shots tanan. By the way, it was nice talking to you. Let's do it again sometime. Take Care !!!

geri said...

Poor Shiloh! The worst for me was the 9 months where they have to take blood samples. But babies are troopers, they bounce quickly back right away.

Shiloh is a cutie, and so big na ha!

Raquel said...

When Maria had her first shot maybe she was 5 days old, grabe morag magisi iyang baba pag hinilak. I can feel the pain too.

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