Weight After Giving Birth

My pre-pregnancy weight was 96lbs. That shows that I am a petite person. When I got pregnant I only gained 26lbs. My tummy got real big. My friends and coworkers told me that I am all tummy. They also said I may have a big baby if I am not watery. My manager asked me if I got stretch marks because of how my stomach bulging out. I can't tell by then coz my skin stretches that I can't see any marks. During my pregnancy also I didn't retain any water at all. My shoes and sandals that I wore before I can still fit it even until the last days of my pregnancy. I think it's because I was working the whole time and I always walk.

When I went to my prenatal checks I would always ask my OB if I am gaining weight properly or should I need to gain more. My OB said that there is nothing to worry about because my weight gain is great and it is proportional to my stature. The baby is doing great as well, very active and the heart rate is always steady at 150 everytime I go for check ups.

Three days after I gave birth my weight exceeded my weight during my last month of pregnancy. The OB told me that it is all the fluids that was retained in my body. When I gave birth I was hooked up to different IVs. All the fluids were retained hence I appear bloated. After 2 weeks all the fluids was gone. When I had my 6 weeks check with my OB she asked how did I shed all those excess weight. My weight was already 99lbs, 3 lbs more than my pre-preg weight. My only problem is the somewhat jelly belly ( flabs) in my lower abdomen. I was told that it is natural. It will tighten up in time. I have four 3 inches stretch marks that runs on my side and the linea negra is still visible. I hope it will disappear soon.

Right now I weigh 97lbs. What I noticed though is that all my XS and S shirts/tops from Aero, AE, Mossimo, A&F, Gap, Old Navy and others I can't fit anymore. The pique polo that I am wearing now from these brands are from medium to large. I think its because of my enlarged chest and shoulders. I can't wait for my flabs to disappear soon so I can now wear my 0-1 jeans.



Ylan said...

waahh kagamay nimo oi! :)

btw, sa Cebu mi ga eyeball dili sa Manila..

thanks for adding me in ur links, i added yours already. :)

Bless said...

@ Ylan - lagi gamay jud.
aw diay i thought sa mla.
thanks for visiting. tc!

Sarah said...

wow congrats! ang bilis mong nag shed ng weight me naman i also have this flab kaasar nga e wrinkled pa kamo i also have stretchmarks.


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